Alums and their partners, and friends find Iliff is a well of renewal, a table of sustenance, a meeting place. All are welcome here – no exceptions. In a world where time goes by too fast, these times together are a welcome oasis of learning, teaching, connection, and reconnection.

We are products of the Iliff experience, where we engaged deeply with religious tradition, spirituality, and socially complex issues in diverse community. We left Iliff to lead and transform the world in our own neighborhoods. At the annual banquet, we come from north and south, east and west, to sit at the table together and share a meal. It is the feast, when we do the business of the Iliff Alumni/ae Association, when Iliff President David Trickett speaks to us about “the state of Iliff,” and when we honor leaders among us who have transformed their neighborhoods. Thank you for joining us, and welcome home.

- Rev. Kay Krebs, Alumni/ae Association Board President