Financial Aid on my.iliff

View Your Financial Aid on my.iliff

Printable Financial Aid Packet

  1. Enter your User Name and Password
  2. Click on CURRENT STUDENTS tab at the top of the page
  3. Click on FINANCIAL AID tab on left side of page
  4. Click on FINANCIAL AID AWARDS to view awards for current year. You may also view aid for previous years by changing the award year
  5. If you cannot view any FINANCIAL AID AWARDS, or if the quarter has started, you are registered at least half time as a degree-seeking student, and your financial aid has not been disbursed, be sure to click on VIEW FINANCIAL AID DOCUMENT TRACKING to see what is missing from your financial aid file
  6. Scroll down toward bottom of page to find links to FAFSA and other financial aid documents
  7. View scholarship opportunities, details and other forms on the right side of page near the bottom
  8. New scholarship opportunities can also be found on the HOME page under CAMPUS ANNOUNCEMENTS, You must be logged in as a current student to view these
  9. To view OUTSIDE (not Iliff) job opportunities, click on the COMMUNITY CLASSIFIEDS tab. Click on Community Classifieds Page, then under JOB BOARD, click on VIEW POSTINGS HERE
  10. To view your ACCOUNT STATEMENT in the business office, select BUSINESS OFFICE on the left menu. Under MY ACCOUNT INFORMATION, click on GENERATE my course & fee statement, then click on VIEW my course & fee statement