Why Choose Iliff?

For more than 125 years, Iliff has been at the forefront of theological education. It is recognized nationally and internationally for its emphasis on peace, justice, and ethics. It is also ranked in the top 10 theological schools engaged in multi-faith education by the Auburn Theological Seminary as well as being named one of the Seminaries that Change the World in both 2015 and 2016.

Simply put, Iliff is a great place to question and learn about the issues that have faced the world. At Iliff, we recognize that dialogue is important, no matter how complicated or uncomfortable that may feel. Most importantly, though, we understand that change starts with you and your leadership.

At Iliff you’ll find a rich combination of rigorous academics and experiences that will help you lead in life’s journey – whether your choice is one of personal or professional growth, a stepping stone toward service helping others, or for ministries yet to be imagined.

Our students come from a diverse array of backgrounds and you’ll learn as much from your classmates, as you do from our internationally renowned faculty. Combined with the flexibility of our traditional classroom, online, or hybrid courses, you’ll learn not just about yourself, but get the preparation needed for where you are headed.

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See the Change Our Students, Alums, and Faculty Are Creating

Christian leaders came to see scientific truths as hostile

Through extensive research, Iliff Professor Antony Alumkal provides a rich, nuanced, and detailed view of mid-20th-century American evangelicalism’s right-wing political expression and its often dangerous impact on science in the service of the common good.

Social Activism and Music

Daryl Jerome Walkers recognizes the social power of music in all of us. "There is music inside of each of us. [People] will say 'I am not musical' but [they] are. Now find the activism."

Using his Poetic Voice to Fire the Imagination

"Pastoral imagination is huge. But you have to hold it playfully because in my twenties, I was so serious. I am going to change the world but no– then, I came to realize that changing myself is enough."

Ordained to Honor, Heal, and Hold Diverse Communities

Julie Todd is an ordained United Methodist (UM) minister, the John Wesley Iliff Senior Lecturer in Justice and Peace Studies at the Iliff School of Theology, social activist, aromatherapist and herbalist. History suggests that Todd was destined to be a clergy person. Both her father and her grandfather are UM clergy. F

Dan Lillie: Finding the Right Fit

Dan Lillie knew he wanted to attend the Iliff School of Theology before he even started his undergraduate education, for the second time. In fact, he designed his bachelor’s degree in spiritual formation and ministerial development, specifically geared toward his Iliff trajectory.

Thanksgiving Complexities

November 30 is the final day of the Thirty Day Gratitude Challenge that executive trainer Jeff Packard created on FaceBook. The challenge debuted in May 2012, but playing off the Thanksgiving holiday, it soon switched to November. The Gratitude Challenge is an invitation to express thanks each day of the month.

Ministry By Design: From Classroom to Community

Kevin Garman is halfway through the Master of Divinity (MDIV) Program at Denver’s Iliff School of Theology. He’s known he wanted to go into pastoral ministry since high school and is taking the steps to pursue his calling. Actually, he’s taking extra steps. Garman is taking a full set of classes...

Ministering from The Land

...World Food Day is a day of action against hunger. The Land is an invitation to plant, harvest, and share fresh, local produce at a table that welcomes all. At The Land, World Food Day serves as a strategic gathering in the barren field to amend the soil, plant the seeds, and collectively labor...

Handing out the love

I was working on some grant paperwork this year and ended up having to add up my time spent “working with the poor and homeless.” When we crunched the numbers it came out to just over 1,000 hours. I think back to what I know now regarding the poor and food insecurity and the homeless compared to then.

Combating misperceptions of Muslims in the western world

“Islam is still looked at as kind of a foreign religion, but it has been present for a long time,” Sophia Arjana said. “This has to do with race and the desire to identify whiteness with the West, and Christianity with the U.S. and Europe. With Islam, it becomes more complicated.

Prayers in the Park: Intern Helps Denver’s Homeless

“It’s heartwarming to be able to help people directly,” Lauren Grenz said. “Seeing their faces and hearing their names and being able to give communion to them was one of the most beautiful things about my time doing service in the park.”

Sydney Schilling: Transformation in Tanzania

Iliff MASC student, Sydney Schilling, just returned from her 2.5 month internship in Tanzania where she worked with the non-profit, grassroots organization, Zanzibar Legal Services Centre.

Hospitality Finds a Home

Erin Power, an MDIV student at Iliff, had been volunteering at the Office of the Bishop of the Rocky Mountain Synod Evangelical Lutheran Church in America when she began seeking an internship. Although there was no internship program in place, she saw potential to implement her background in hospitality...

Intertwining Mental Advocacy with a Call to Ministry

Intertwining her background in mental advocacy with her current call to seminary, Petré Hill became part of the team that created the Evanston Center for Spiritual Wholeness and Healing, which opened its doors in Sept. 2013. The Evanston Center is a ministry of University Park United Methodist Church.

The Valiant Prophet - Dr. Vincent Harding

Civil Rights Leader, Historian, and Theologian Vincent Harding died on May 19th at the age of 82, leaving behind thousands of people whom he inspired through his embodiment of Love with a capital “L.” Let us recall Vincent.

Ministry as a Leap of Faith

Donning a delicately hand-crafted, red lace stole, Pastor Gretchen Haley explains how she identifies with a metaphor one of her.

Vince Tango: Called to Help Students Find Their Calling

It’s called a “calling” for a reason. Unlike taking a job, being called to ministry means you have a strong urge not just to work, but to live a particular way of life. And, with that singular desire comes many, many questions.

Spiritual Care is an Important Part of Your Healthcare

“Spiritual care that works with psychology is a distinctive form of client healthcare.” That is the stance that licensed psychologist and ordained minister Carrie Doehring takes when it comes to mental health and religion.

Religion & Spirituality Should be Integrated

Religion and spirituality aren’t usually incorporated within mainstream health care services, but Kelly Arora, adjunct faculty member, Iliff School of Theology, proposes that perhaps they should be.

Iliff Student Finds Passion in Helping Others

For 12 years, Lindsey Hodel has made it her mission to fight for “economic justice, racial justice, gay and lesbian rights and raise awareness about social issues through voter engagement.” Having grown up in a city where acts of racially motivated violence occurred, Hodel knew at a young age that she desired...

Guzmán Makes Dream of Serving Others Reality

At the age of 66, Nadyne Guzmán still isn’t sure what she wants to be when she grows up. Although Guzmán is retired from 15 years in public education and 22 years as a professor and administrator in higher education, she is still very much involved in the school system, but this time as a student.

From Disaster Recovery to Weekly Sermons

Emily Flemming is many things. Bored is not one of them. The 35-year-old South Carolina native noted that she has “quite a lot of balls in the air.” Not only is she a pastor at Lyons Community Church, she is a founding member of...

Replacing Fear with Knowledge: A Closer Look at the Muslim Faith

“The heritage of the West is what I call ‘Judeo-Christian-Islamic,’ in the sense that the West is religiously, historically, and technologically informed by all three religious traditions.” That is one of the main ideas that Erica Ferg emphasized during her lecture on Islam in the U.S...

Leveraging Organizational Productivity & Sustainability

Where do you find joy? What is most important to you? Do you find purpose and meaning in your job? Your answer to these questions can help assess your level of engagement in the work you do.