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January 23, 2013

Worship Service: Witness Against the Culture of Violence

Description: As an affirmation of Christian Unity Week, witnessing against the violence that has permeated all aspects of our society, University Park United Methodist Church will host a worship service. Sponsored by University Park UMC, Most Precious Blood Roman Catholic, Kirk of Bonnie Brae, Mountain View Friends, and Hillcrest Reformed. While this is a Christian focused service, it is open to the public. Members of other traditions will find it of value as together we unite as witnesses for non-violence.

The following is a statement that will be at the worship service for people to sign:

A Statement of Witness Against the Culture of Violence within Our Society

In the last year our nation has again experienced many violent tragedies. While we are shocked when such events occur, but we are no longer surprised that they do happen. Our hearts are with all who have suffered as a result of these events. While tears, prayers, and many other means of support are important, there is another kind of tragedy which occurs if nothing changes. We urge lawmakers and others in positions of influence to be bold and sensitive in addressing issues related to the violence. We ask that you support moves to putting severe restrictions on the purchasing and possessing of assault weapons, and also to support improved mental health care. Together, let us join in the efforts to build communities of peace.

Date: Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2013, 7 p.m.

Location: University Park UMC, 2180 S. University, Denver 80210