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Events for July 24, 2013

Iliff on the Road: Pacific School of Religion, Visiting Prof. Miguel De La Torre, Berkeley, CA

July 24, 2013 9:28am-9:28am

Description: Miguel De La Torre, professor of social ethics, is a visiting professor, Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, CA.

Date: July 22-Aug. 2

Location: Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, CA


Iliff on the Road: Society for Values in Higher Education Fellow’s Meeting, DU

July 24 - July 27, 2013

Description: The Society for Values in Higher Education’s (SVHE) 89th Annual Meeting will be on the University of Denver campus this year (24-28 July) for its annual Fellows’ Meeting (FM).

Iliff and the Joint Doctoral Program are involved already. A recent graduate of the JDP, Dr. Aaron Conley, was appointed to one of SVHE’s Mary Jo Small Fellowships. Other students will be reading papers and contributing to panels during the course of the week (e.g., David King and Gary Bedford come to mind immediately).

Vincent Harding, emeritus professor, will be giving one of the keynote addresses on Saturday.

Theme for the Fellow’s Meeting is “Debt: Obligations that Shape our Lives.” We have delineated that topic in this way: Societies are structured by webs of financial, legal, psychological, moral, and spiritual obligations. All of these involve debt, broadly construed. From the most mundane, everyday interactions to the complexities of international relations, the language of debt pervades our thinking and discourse. The Society for Values in Higher Education seeks to address the concept of debt from a variety of disciplinary perspectives.

  • What is the social role of debt?
  • How does it enhance or threaten community?
  • To whom are we indebted?
  • What is the relationship between debt and entitlement?
  • What are the religious or spiritual dimensions of debt?
  • How do various narratives (historical, literary, etc.) shape our views of debt?
  • How does debt threaten the future of higher education?
  • How should higher education address the social and economic consequences of debt?
  • How do we teach our students about who owes whom what? And why?

The speaker for Thursday evening will be Adam Davidson of National Public Radio’s “Planet Money.” His lecture will be open to the public.

Date: July 24-28

Location: University of Denver, Denver, CO 80210

Info/Contact: Register online: