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Events for August 18, 2013

Iliff on the Road: Nurturing the Voice of Vocation, Prof. Katherine Turpin, WY

August 18, 2013

Description: Katherine Turpin, associate professor of religious education, and Joyce Mercer, Virginia Theological Seminary, will lead a week-long program, “Our Story, God’s Story: Nurturing the Voice of Vocation,” Ring Lake Ranch, Wyoming.

People often think of vocation in terms of entering the ministry of decisions about the future careers made by young people, but a sense of vocation can enliven a faithful life at any stage. What would it look like to focus on vocation across changes in situation and relationships across the lifespan? What is the role of imagination and story in cultivating a sense of vocation? What evokes our stories of being called into something, and when do we tell them and to whom? How do we sustain a sense of vocation in the midst of daily life, whether in relationships, work situations, or home life? We will explore these questions through a series of reflective activities, writing, drawing, and other ways of exploring the role of vocation in a faithful life.

Date: Aug. 18-24

Location: Ring Lake Ranch, Dubois, WY 82513