In the Service of Others: Selena Naumoff Shares Her Story

Iliff Student Considers Running for Congress

Selena Naumoff

(DENVER) — A student in the Iliff School of Theology’s Master of Divinity Program, Rev. Selena Naumoff is passionate about serving others and adeptly uses her leadership expertise to make the world a better place.

“It has been said that to resist the influence of others, knowledge of oneself is most important,” said Naumoff. “I wholeheartedly believe this and personally put it to practice.”

A woman with a dynamic presence, Naumoff has a ready hug for everyone and lives with a tremendous sense of gratitude. “I appreciate my gifts and want to support others in using theirs.”

An ordained interfaith minister and “Stephen Minister,” which is caregiving through ministry, she has made supporting others a way of life. “I pray well with others. Through my Christ-centered ministry, I sit, listen and pray with people, my ministry also allows me to build great relationships — it’s absolutely rewarding.”

A self-described idealist, Naumoff, has pursued opportunities to learn about people through studies of theology, linguistics and cultures. “I love bringing people together. For me to best do this, I have sought understanding. Through this, I also have learned that people fundamentally seek love, friendship and belonging.”
Considering her life after graduation, Naumoff says a life in service to others, the community and the Country will be her focus.

“Next year, I am considering running for United States Congress from the State of Colorado. In 2006, from Arizona, I ran for State Secretary. I feel a calling to political service because we need good leaders. This is even more apparent as evidenced by the recent government shutdown. I do not believe that the bi-partisan system is working, so I will put myself forward to endeavor to be a part of the solution.”

According to Naumoff, studying at Iliff is informing her life plans. “Iliff encourages students to explore our beliefs. Iliff produces leaders and my theology training has made me a better leader. I am someone who has a good concept of self and therefore, I believe will do a better job in the political game. I will stick to my convictions, I won’t sellout to win votes.”


The Iliff School of Theology is a graduate theological school related to the United Methodist Church, serving more than 38 different faith traditions. Founded in 1892, the school provides several degree programs, including a Joint Ph.D. Program with the University of Denver.