Joshua Dembicki: Master of Arts Student Hits His Stride

Joshua Dembicki reaches forward in order to uniquely give back

Josh Dembicki, Iliff MA student

(DENVER) — Student Josh Dembicki, has his eye on social change and through his study at the Iliff School of Theology (Iliff) wants to make a difference for people living in the margins, he said.

According to Dembicki, “Before studying at Iliff I experienced some profound challenges and disillusionment. As a result, I reached deep inside, met with spiritual directors and discovered a new path for my life. I worked at it, and relied on faith, which led me to this opportunity for rigorous theological study and life experiences that are positive, exciting and full of great love.“

He believes challenges offer possibilities for people — if they are open to new direction.

“There comes a point that you have to take stock of your life and in that time there is opportunity. My process resulted in religious awakening, an excitement about spiritual development and the opportunity to realize a new kind of success. My new success is more personally rewarding, and more tangibly important than the life I had before. Today, I feel spiritually full, each day is meaningful and I am committed to serving others.”

Dembicki is in his third year at Iliff working to earn a Master of Arts (MA) degree, and co-chairs Student Senate in partnership with Master of Divinity (MDIV) student Natalie Johnson.

“It’s been great serving the Iliff community through my leadership role this year. I’m using my background in business management to facilitate changes to the senate organizational structure. Additionally, Natalie and I are leading some profound opportunities for masters’ students,” Dembicki added.

Dembicki and Johnson developed a grant to help fund student participation in academic forums such as conferences and seminars. “We took a need-based approach to developing this opportunity. Often in the academy merit-basis wins the day; we think there is merit in need and have developed a program for talented students at Iliff to share their ideas.”

“My studies challenge me daily; I’m getting the education I set forth to get. If my life can be used in the betterment of humanity, for justice and peace, then I will have accomplished my goals and will be living my dream for me and family.”