Leveraging Organizational Productivity & Sustainability

The Authentic Engagement™ Process

By Brianne McCoy

Bret Lessman

Where do you find joy? What is most important to you? Do you find purpose and meaning in your job? Your answer to these questions can help assess your level of engagement in the work you do.

Bret Lessman, a consultant with the Iliff School of Theology’s Authentic Engagement Program™ (AE), has made it his mission to connect individuals with their passion, purpose and principles in an effort to help them realize their full potential. He believes that by helping people leverage these three elements, they will be empowered to live in alignment with what they value most.

Similarly, he knows that there is a real need for business organizations to connect with their employees on a deeper level as a means to increase productivity and engagement within the workplace.

“My passion is about leveraging the human element in supporting business goals,” Lessman said.

Given his passion to help employees engage in a deeper sense of meaning in their work, Lessman’s decision to assist in the development of the AE Program™ at Iliff was a clear choice.

According to Lessman, “Authentic Engagement™ is very simple.” It’s about, “creating an environment where people feel connected with themselves, their coworkers and their organization,” he said.

The AE Program™ is a one, two or three day seminar that helps organizations focus on The Self, The Other and The Whole. The Self delivers techniques to identify what drives an individual’s personal satisfaction and commitment. The Other helps leaders develop skills to build a true appreciation of the strengths and differences of their employee base. Finally, The Whole focuses on creating an organization with sustainable results.

Lessman knows that what sets this process apart from traditional workplace programs is the concept of The Self.

“Most organizations have done work on The Whole, some on The Other and are in need of creating that deep connectedness with The Self,” Lessman explained.

As a developer and external facilitator of the Authentic Engagement Program™, Lessman hopes that more organizations will begin to adopt this workplace tool to harness a more sustainable infrastructure.

“I firmly believe that the organizations that are successful long term are the ones that focus on their people. Engagement is critical for all organizations because you want to maximize the productivity of every employee. It’s important to foster the environment in which people bring their hearts, minds and spirits to their jobs.”

Lessman’s purpose in helping develop the AE Program™ is the satisfaction of seeing people grow and gain a greater understanding of self.

The ultimate goal for Lessman is to build relationships with people and have conversations that focus on “who they are, what they want to do and to see them be successful and fulfilled in their job.”

He also believes that through the AE™ process, agencies will be able to “attract and retain a talented employee base who are willing to go the extra mile for the organization,” Lessman added.

For more information on how individuals and organizations are leveraging the Authentic Engagement™ process to increase productivity within the workplace, please visit the program’s website at http://authenticengagementprocess.com or call Greta Gloven, vice president of marketing communications and strategic partnerships, Iliff School of Theology.