Theological Studies Offered Grounding for Family Therapist, Heike Peckruhn

Heike Peckruhn, Ph.D., Shares Her Experience

Heike Peckruhn

(DENVER) — Heike Peckruhn, Ph.D., is an educator who seamlessly pairs her theological interests with her love of the classroom and deep understanding of humanity. An adjunct faculty member, and proud Iliff alumna (2013), Peckruhn arrived at Iliff in transition from a professional role as a family therapist and counselor in the area of HIV/AIDS.

“I find people and issues of theology to be dynamically intertwined,” Peckruhn said. “When I was a student, I loved that Iliff allowed me to study theology as I wanted to explore it, while at the same time I was being challenged to expand my understanding and perspectives, sometimes in unexpected ways. I encourage that for others who are interested in, or maybe even suspicious of, theological education. Theological study is more than ‘God talk’ – it offers something for believers and non-believers – I found it grounding, impactful and exciting.”

Peckruhn, who is from Germany, has studied and lived in many places around the world. Her depth of lived experience gives her a unique perspective on issues of social justice, politics and social matters. In her work, she regularly draws on and shares from her experiences.

“I love using my head and my heart in tandem. The intersections of religion and theology, with areas of women’s studies and diversities, interest me a great deal. Teaching for me, is a sacred space – I give everything to it.”

Next month, along with Edward Antonio, Ph.D., associate dean of diversities and Harvey H. Potthoff Associate Professor of Theology and Social Theory, Peckruhn will travel with Iliff’s immersion learning program to Zimbabwe and South Africa.

“Heike has impeccable commitments in the areas of Justice & Peace Studies and diversities,” Antonio commented. “Heike is intimately familiar with Iliff’s culture and the mission of Iliff; her wealth of knowledge, passion, and compassion will serve her well on the journey.”

Following is a link to Iliff’s website, for more about the scheduled trip to Zimbabwe and South Africa. For additional information about Iliff’s Justice and Peace Studies program visit: immersion experiences are being planned. If this interests you, be sure to see, imagine and explore Zimbabwe and South Africa with us via social media from November 14 – 29, during Iliff’s immersion program.


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