Staff Directory

Main Phone: 303-744-1287, 1-800-678-3360
Fax (2nd Floor Iliff Hall): 303-777-0164
Admissions: 303-765-3117,
Admissions Fax: 303-765-1141

Anglican Studies


Greg Robbins, 303-765-3232

Admissions & Student Services

Admissions & Student Services Main

Contact , 303-765-3117

Advising Center

303-765-1146 or 303-765-1147

Jeremy Garber

Valerie Jackson

Career Center Director

Packard Brown, 303-765-3185


Carmen Baca Doster, 303-765-3127

Admissions & Student Services Main

Contact , 303-765-3117

Admissions Representative

Daniel Klawitter, 303-765-3118

Vice President & Dean of Enrollment and Student Services

David Worley, 303-765-3107

Coordinator of Recruiting and Student Services

Erin Christensen, 303-765-3105

Admissions Representative

Laura Ralston, 303-765-3125

Director of Financial Aid

Peggy Blocker, 303-765-3114

Associate Dean of Admissions & Retention and Director of Journey MDIV

Vincent Tango, 303-765-3106

Academic & Information Technology

Director of Academic & Information Technology

Michael Hemenway,

Coordinator of Helpdesk and Systems Administrator

Will Wedow, 303-909-9321

Business Office

Vice President for Business Affairs and Chief Financial Officer

Kelly McCormick,


Sandy Harkovich,


Shana Aroutiounian, 303-765-3132

Payroll and Billing

Suzanne Mueller, 303-765-3126

Office of the Dean of the Faculty

Academic Vice President and Dean of the Faculty, Associate Professor of the History of Christianity

Albert Hernández, 303-765-3183

Administrative Assistant to the Dean of the Faculty

Leslie Inman, 303-765-3183

Dean of the Chapel

Program Coordinator

Alison Wisneski, 303-765-3115

Dean of the Chapel & Spiritual Life Formation, Gerald L. Schlessman Chair in Methodist Studies, Visiting Assistant Professor in Theology

Cathie Kelsey, 303-765-3103


Assistant Director of Diversities

Amy Whipple Derrick, 303-765-1159

Associate Dean of Diversities and Harvey H. Potthoff Associate Professor of Christian Theology and Social Theory

Edward Antonio, 303-765-3163

Facilities & Housing

Donna Frey,

Director of Facilities Management

Jerry Eno,

Willie Watson,


See the Faculty list.

Iliff Consultation and Guidance Center


Jason Whitehead, 303-765-3130

Office of Institutional Advancement

Donor and Alumni Relations Director

Caran Ware Joseph, 303-765-3111

Annual Fund Director

Marsena Holsopple, 303-765-3122

Donor Service Coordinator

Nancy Tomb, 303-765-3171

Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations

Tara Tubb, 303-765-3176

Joint PhD Office

Faculty Assistant Director

Annette Stott, 303-871-2846

Administrative Director

Arianna Nowakowski, 303-765-3136

Faculty Director

Pamela Eisenbaum, 303-765-3167

Justice & Peace Programs

Assistant Director of Diversities

Amy Whipple Derrick, 303-765-1159


Edward Antonio, 303-765-3163

Marketing Communications & Strategic Partnerships

Vice President of Marketing Communications and Strategic Partnerships

Greta Gloven, 303-765-3109

Director of Marketing Communications

Mary Sue Alexander, 303-765-3110

Assistant Director of Marketing Communications

Melissa Schaaf, 303-765-3119

Master of Divinity Program

Director of the Master of Divinity Program

Katherine Turpin, 303-765-3139

President’s Office

Administrative Assistant to the President

Alisha Eno, 303-765-3102


Tom Wolfe, 303-765-3102

Office of Professional Formation

Program Coordinator

Alison Wisneski, 303-765-3115

Consultation and Guidance Center


Jason Whitehead, 303-765-3162


Jeffrey Mahan, 303-765-3192

Director of Service Learning

Jenny Whitcher, 303-765-3116

Social Change Studies

Director of the Master of Social Change Program

Jenny Whitcher, 303-765-3116

Taylor Library

Interim Library Director, Technical Services Librarian

Alice Runis, 303-765-3174

Collection Development Specialist

Ben Sanders, III, 303-765-3137

Library Services Coordinator

Heike Peckruhn, 303-765-3137

Circulation and Interlibrary Loan

Katie Fisher, 303-765-3172

Reference and Instruction Librarian

Laura Harris, 303-765-3179