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Cuba Immersion Trip – Information Sessions

  • Miguel De La Torre invites you to join Iliff in an immersion trip to Cuba in December 2010. Those planning to participate need to confirm their interest to Professor De La Torre by January 2010. Learn more by listening to the audio from information sessions held at Iliff.

Question2Learn (

Hear Iliff faculty addressing life’s big questions:

Iliff Courses

Video Clips

1. Start changing the world. An Iliff Journey MDIV (online program) student shares his experience. (video)

2. Iliff School of Theology – Change the World!

3. Question2Learn (

Study theology? Me? View our alums and faculty:

  • It doesn’t take a miracle to feed the hungry. Study theology.
    - Sue Mohrman

View Iliff faculty addressing life’s big questions:

Preaching Tips from Iliff Faculty

What Degree is Right for Me? Hear What Students Say …

What Iliff Alums Say …

Iliff Information

  • Iliff School of Theology – Change the World!
  • Iliff Video Visit (8 min.)
  • A Celebration of Courage: The Little Rock Nine
    A thank you from Iliff to nine civil rights pioneers, who by "simply going to school" changed the course of American history – for all people. Iliff’s multi-day event marked the 50th anniversary of the students’ courageous steps into history and brought all nine to Denver in February 2008 to honor them.
  • Who Is My Neighbor? A Faith Discussion on Immigration – {is no longer available online}.
    This DVD-based curricular resource encouraging faith-based consideration of immigration, was sent to all Colorado Council of Churches member churches in August 2008. It features recent immigrants to Colorado, data about the history and economic impacts of immigration in the state, interviews with faith communities, and information provided by many Iliff faculty members, as well as alums and students.

The 4 sessions included:

  • We are all strangers in the land of Egypt
  • What does the Lord require of you?
  • Perfect love casts out fear
  • The Good Samaritan: Who is my neighbor?

Iliff in the News

Vincent Harding, professor emeritus, is interviewed on the subject of Barack Obama’s speech on August 28, 2009. Harding was a good friend and one of the former speech writers for Martin Luther King, Jr. 9NEWS Interview