Bylined Articles

Bylined articles are stories that have been written and approved for publication by the Iliff marketing communications team. Many of the stories have appeared (or will appear) in The View, the official magazine of the school.

Iliff Alumnus Feeds Portland’s Hungry

Rev. Dr. John Paul Davis, Iliff graduate (DMIN '08), is director of Clay Street Table, a Portland-based meals program. » view article

Reverend Lonnie Eakle Sees Everyone as a Child of God

» view article

Joshua Dembicki: Master of Arts Student Hits His Stride

Joshua Dembicki reaches forward in order to uniquely give back -- » view article

Jah Latchman Shares Her Story - Out of Many, One -

» view article

Social Justice Leader Blossoms in Her Time at Iliff

» view article

In the Service of Others: Selena Naumoff

» view article

Theological Studies Offered Grounding for Family Therapist, Heike Peckruhn

» view article

Kelly Baker, Passionate Agent of Social Change, Shares Her Story

» view article

Peace is the Living Expression of Justice

by M. Celeste Jackson » view article

Iliff Authentic Engagement Process Helps Business

Authentic Engagement™ Provides New Tools for Employers » view article

Schlessman-Funded Scholarships Exceed 100…

Many Iliff scholarship recipients responded to an e-mail request to shre their stories and photos. See their messages below. » view article

Iliff Alum Finds Success “Block by Block”

Iliff alum finds success "block by block." » view article

Couple Finds Dual Success in Ministries

Iliff graduates find creative ways to connect the valley they call home. » view article

Artistry and Theology Create Perfect Blend For Change

Sandy Ceas, student, combines art and theology in a unique way. » view article

Chavez Appointed to Obama’s Council for Faith Based Partnerships

Arturo Chavez, Iliff alum, appointed to interfaith faith-based partnership by President Obama. » view article

Carroll Brings Pastoral Care to the Statehouse

Terrance Carroll, Speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives, creates change with Iliff degree. » view article

Mohrman Leads at Warren Village

Alum, Sue Mohrman, leads major social service agency, Warren Village. » view article