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An archive listing of theology highlights from around the world.

Can Jesus Be Too Good-Looking?

The Durango Herald | Jocelyn Noveck, AP National Writer

NEW YORK – They say you can never be too rich or too thin. Surely it goes without saying you can’t be too good-looking, either, right? Especially in Hollywood.
Jim Caviezel portrayed Jesus in the 2004 film “The Passion of the Christ.” But in the popular new film “Son of God,” Jesus is so, well, easy on the eyes that some are revisiting an age-old question vexing scholars for centuries: Did Jesus really look like Brad Pitt, only slightly better?

Making drunk driving an immigration issue spreads hate

Denver Progressive Examiner | Chris Time Steele

Scholar and professor at the Illif School of Theology, Dr. Miguel De La Torre stated, “The death of a 17-year-old by a drunk driver is a tragedy and there’s no question about that and the drunk driver should be punished for that regardless of his status but connecting this particular drunk driver with the term illegal is a way of criminalizing everyone who is undocumented.” Read more.

Is Religious Freedom Threatened?

Patheos Public Square | Panelists

Hobby Lobby, Little Sisters of the Poor, bakeries who refuse to make wedding cakes for gay weddings—While religious freedom is inscribed in the Constitution, it’s becoming an increasingly embattled issue today. Read how scholars and leaders from multiple faith traditions debate this hot topic in Patheos Public Square. Read more.

The Joyful Surprise of Pope Francis

Sojourners - God's Politics | Jim Wallace

Today the world celebrates Pope Francis’ first year. Notice I didn’t say the church is celebrating, but the world… His popularity has moved beyond Catholics to Christians of all kinds, believers from other faith traditions, agnostics, and the “nones,” who are very drawn to this pope who emphasizes love and simple living. Read more.

Southern Baptist Attitudes Changing on Birth Control

Baptist Standard | Bob Allen

On the surface, Roman Catholics and Southern Baptists might seem unlikely bedfellows in opposing mandated coverage of contraceptives under Obamacare, but observers say it points to ongoing reconsideration of the morality of birth control… Professor Miguel De La Torre is quoted. Read more.

Celebrating women’s contributions to church

UMNS | Susan Keaton

CHICAGO (UMNS) – “Women of Character, Courage and Commitment” is the 2014 theme for the United Methodist Commission on the Status and Role of Women as it celebrates women’s history month. Read story

The church and immigration: United Methodists arrested in D.C. immigration pray-in

UM News Service | Kathy L. Gilbert

WASHINGTON (UMNS) – They are out of jail, but for 32 protesters, including two United Methodist bishops, who were arrested in front of the White House Feb. 17, concerns remain. They want the Obama administration’s deportation policies to change. Read story See video

UMC bridging global religious divide

UM News Service | Donald Messer

WASHINGTON (UMNS) Whether engaged in peace-building, social justice programs or interfaith dialogue, United Methodists around the world are increasingly open to those of other faith traditions, according to a survey of bishops from Africa, Europe and the Philippines. Read more.

2014 Black History Month Reflections: Imam W.D. Mohammed on Religious Freedom

Patheos | Precious Rasheeda Muhammad

(NB: During this Black History Month, I aim to write a few short pieces focusing on events connected to Muslims of black African descent who have contributed to the American religious and historical landscape in a significant way.)

United in Orange Food Drive: Denver vs. Seattle

RMCUMC Newsletter | Bishop Elaine Stanovsky

A Food Drive Challenge – Denver vs Seattle – Hey Denver- let’s beat Seattle on and off the field!

The United Methodist Churches in Denver challenged our colleagues in Seattle to a Food Drive. The contest is to see which city can collect the most non-perishable food items between now and the Big Game. Bishop Elaine Stanovsky says, “Turn that ORANGE enthusiasm into food for the homeless.” Read more.