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Gay couples who want a religious marriage ceremony may not find welcome

The Denver Post | Tom McGhee

Colorado on Tuesday officially authorized same-sex marriages, but couples hoping to tie the knot in a religious ceremony will still face obstacles in many religious institutions not now performing gay marriages.

The issue remains an emotional and theological hot button for many believers. Read more.

State of the colony: Resident Aliens at 25

The Christian Century | Stanley Hauerwas | William H. Willimon | Miguel De La Torre

Twenty-five years ago, Stanley Hauerwas and William H. Willimon sparked a lively debate about church, ministry, and Christian identity with their book Resident Aliens: Life in the Christian Colony. Several pastors and theologians offered their perspectives, including Dr. Miguel De La Torre’s The wrong preferential option.

Churches Offer Sanctuary to Immigrants in Danger of Deportation

The Wall Street Journal | Miriam Jordan

Some religious congregations are offering sanctuary to illegal immigrants facing deportation, following President Barack Obama’s decision to delay an executive action that would possibly have staved off their removal from the U.S. Read more.

Religious Trends: Spirituality

Patheos | Featured Panelists

Many of those deeply interested in the spiritual life apart from particular religious traditions believe that the evolution of religion itself has been leading to a new age of god-awareness, an age of cosmic harmonizing between human consciousness and divine reality. Read more.

Church of England General Synod backs women bishops

BBC News | Robert Pigott

The Church of England has voted to allow women to become bishops for the first time in its history. Its ruling General Synod gave approval to legislation introducing the change by the required two-thirds majority. A previous vote in 2012 was backed by the Houses of Bishops and Clergy but blocked by traditionalist lay members. Read more.

The Complexity of Contextual Ministry

Patheos | Frederick Schmidt

Seminaries have made considerable progress in developing a contextual approach to ministry. But if there are two weaknesses in the models for that we use, it may be our near exclusive focus on racial and ethic differences and an implicit dependence upon urban assumptions for the way in which we discuss context. Read more.

Bishop explores role of United Methodist Church in Sand Creek Massacre

The Denver Post | Colleen O'Connor

GREENWOOD VILLAGE — Elaine Stanovsky didn’t know much about the Sand Creek Massacre when she moved to Colorado in 2009. She learned, slowly, about the connection between the Methodists and the massacre. Now she wants to tell the truth. Read more.

The Top 20 Online Theology Master’s Degree Programs

The Best

Iliff’s MTS is Ranked #3! With new technology redefining the world of higher education, it is now easier than ever to complete a Theology Master’s Degree online. Flexibility, the convenience of working from your home or local ministry, and the opportunity to save both time and money are all motivating students… Read more.

Martyrs, miracles and the stuff of making saints

9News | Kyle Dyer

Miguel De La Torre, Professor of Social Ethics, discusses the canonization of Pope John Paul and John XXII in an interview with Kyle Dyer. In Sunday’s dual papal canonization of John Paul II & John XXIII, it also involves rule-breaking, fast-track procedures. 9NEWS at 7 a.m. 04/25/14.

A Latino Coming Out Story

Newsweek | Oscar Lopez

With its mixture of machismo, conservative family values and ardent Catholicism, the Latino community might seem like an ideal environment for a festering homophobia. Coming out to my Mexican dad was hard because that was the ideology he grew up in, and that was the culture I imagined he understood. Miguel De La Torre is quoted in this article in Newsweek. Read more.