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Being Brown While Black Lives Matter

Our Lucha - blog | Miguel De La Torre

Yes – black lives matter. But for centuries they haven’t. Killing black folk was considered sport, as documented by early twentieth century souvenir postcards of lynchings, where good Christians looked into the camera as that “strange fruit” swung from the trees behind them. The police, with a history to “protect and serve” whites from the menace of blacks, could always kill blacks with impunity. Read more.

Plagirizing the Poor

Our Lucha - blog | Miguel De La Torre

A few years ago, I shared a not-yet-completed manuscript with my class of doctoral students in an effort to receive feedback on some concepts I was developing surrounding the theme of indecent ethics. When I eventually presented those theories at a conference, I discovered that one of those students was passing off my work as their own, without proper attribution. As could be imagined, I was enraged. Some time passed before I began to realize that there is nothing new under the sun. I was forced to deal with my own arrogance…Read more.

One Year Later: The Evolution of a Movement

Sojourners | Lisa Sharon Harper

Over the course of the year since Michael Brown died, we have learned critical lessons that have fueled the movement, bringing together young activists, clergy, and evangelicals in unlikely, yet cohesive alliance. – See more.

The Education of Dylann Roof – Part IV Guns

Our Lucha - blog | Miguel De La Torre

One clear indication that we are sliding toward of a new dark age is the devaluation of human life. Dylann Roof was raised in a culture where he learned that life is cheap; a culture that taught him that some lives matter more than others. Only by pretending not to see can we ignore how gun proliferation contributes to an ever-increasing body count and an attitude that the lives of darker bodies are expendable. Read more.

The Education of Dylann Roof Part III

Our Lucha - blog | Miguel De La Torre

I am sadly convinced that we are on the verge of a new dark age fueled by an ignorance and paranoia that contributed to the fertile ground that allowed a Dylann Roof to thrive. When academia and the educated are demonized, it provides a space for witlessness to be placed on equal footing with rigorous scholarship. Equal time, in a perverted understanding of fairness, is given to views that are based on paranoia and sheer stupidity. Read more.

Returning Home: A Reflection on Power and Privilege upon Being in Charleston - See more at: https://

Sojourners | Jason Whitehead

The shootings at Mother Emanuel Church in Charleston let loose a flood of memories long shoved into the recesses of my mind. One of these was when I was the youth director for a large white affluent congregation, and the youth groups at Mother Emanuel and my church performed a joint Youth Sunday service in the late 90s… (Returning to Ashville after the shootings) Nothing I envisioned captured the heaviness I felt; the need to be useful. Read more.

Future of Faith in America

Patheos Progressive Christian | Series Writers

The early May Pew Research report on religious trends in America has kindled a firestorm of commentary—attacking and defending, challenging and lamenting, gloating and grieving. But is it telling us anything new? In 2010, Patheos conducted a summer-long Future of World Religions conversation in which religion experts, practitioners, leaders, sociologists, and the faithful of many traditions weighed in on the prospects of religious belief. Read more.

The Education of Dylann Roof Part II

Our Lucha - blog | Miguel De La Torre

A clear indication that we are at the threshold of a new dark age is the simplistic dualism created by religious leaders between heretics and believers, between the saved and the damned. Ages of ignorance, which contributed to the education of Dylann Roof, occur when religious leaders participate in demonizing their Others; when they maintain that Jews, Muslims, Unitarians, and everyone else that rejects “their” particular Christian orthodoxy is destined for the flames of Hell. Read more.

The Education of Dylann Roof – Part I

Our Lucha - blog | Miguel De La Torre

We are standing on the precipice of a new Dark Age, of which Dylann Roof is one of its offspring. Rejecting a salvation history that maintains we are moving toward a more enlightened and just future, I argue that dark ages of ignorance follows spans of enlightenment creating at times downward spirals, at other times upward spirals, yet at other times unrelated and unconnected events; in other words, a nonlinear disjointed, multidimensional passage of time. See more.

“Doing Sacred Work”: Interview with Rev. Anne D. Dunlap of UCC on White Racial Justice Organizing

The Good Men Project | Chris Crass

As white activists around the country, including faith based activists of nearly every denomination, work to step up in these Black Lives Matter movement times, Rev. Anne D. Dunlap provides us all with pastoral care, reminding us that liberation work brings us into the work of the Divine. See more: