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Does Criticizing Israel Make Me an Anti-Semite?

Our Lucha - blog | Miguel De La Torre

…If whites criticize President Obama, does that make them racist? If men criticize not-yet declared presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, does that make them sexist? And if Gentiles criticize the current hawkish Israeli government, does that make them anti-Semitic? No doubt there are racist who vilify Obama due to deep-rooted bigoted ideologies, or Clinton due to misogamist sentiments, or the State of Israel due to anti-Semitism. Read more.

Toward the Theology of Hopelessness

Our Lucha - blog | Miguel De La Torre

One of the unexamined assumptions of the Christian faith is a theology that is based on esperanza, on hope. “All things works for the good of those who love God, and who has been called according to God’s purpose” (Ro. 8:28). To hope in English is to expect, to await something good. In Spanish, the word esperanza is derived from the word esperar. To hope in Spanish, esperar, means (according to the Velázquez dictionary) to wait in apprehension of either good or evil. Read more.

Muslims in the Western Imagination

Islamic Studies | Elliott Bazzano

Sophia Rose Arjana explores a variety of creative productions—including art, literature, film—in order to tell a story not about how Muslims construct their own identities but rather about how Western thinkers have constructed ideas about Muslims and monsters. To what extent are these imaginary constructs real? Is it possible for one’s imagination to create things that are more telling than what is actually real? Read more.

The Myth Behind the ProLife Rhetoric

Our Lucha - blog | Miguel De La Torre

Every human being – regardless of their race, gender, economic class, nationality, religious faith or sexual orientation – is created in the image of God, what theologians call the imago Dei…Because we humans reflect God’s image, we have worth in the universe and are created for dignity. Likewise, we have both a right to life and a duty not to take another’s life. Read more.

Is the Church Changing or Are We?

Iliff School of Theology | Melissa Schaaf

Is the church changing or are we? It’s a ‘chicken or the egg’ scenario as American society and social norms mutate. Wider acceptance of the LGBTQ community, the embracing of a larger lens on religious affiliations and what exactly that means, and how individuals decide on a relationship between faith, worship and themselves… Read more.

50 Shades toward Christian-based Sadomasochism

Our Lucha - blog | Miguel De La Torre

Much ado has been made about the blockbuster Fifty Shades of Grey, a disappointing screen adaptation of E. L. James’s poorly written bestseller. And yet, the film’s opening weekend box office take was $81.7 million!… Although the film could have proven to be groundbreaking, exploring enriching ways to express our sexuality; the film instead seems to have reinforced traditional gender roles with a certain glorification of the sexual abuse of women. Read more.

American Sniper and the War Story We Cannot Tell

Huffington Post Religion | Zachary Moon

This picture (American Sniper) of coming home is the myth our nation desperately wants to believe. Left out is the often mundane, sometimes ugly, process of learning and struggling, and discovering and failing, and risking again and again at home, courageously and creatively. Until our nation really sees what it takes to make that transition to civilian life, we will not see the total experience of war. Read more in this article by DU/Iliff PHD student.

Do Babies Matter?: Gender and Family in the Ivory Tower

Wabash Center | Katherine Turpin - Book Review

A powerful account of the experience of discrimination against married women and mothers in academia, this book documents many realities I have lamented alongside female colleagues and graduate students during my years in the profession. Read more.

Multicultural Mosaic Foundation and Denver Clergy Condemn Actions in France

Multicultural Mosaic Foundation

As faith leaders, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Bahai, Buddhist and others, we affirm our strong working relationships that we have nurtured here in Denver, CO, over the past decade. On Monday, January 12, 2015, Multicultural Mosaic Foundation (MMF), a non-profit organization dedicated to help cultivate moral and cultural values in our society by promoting tolerance and dialogue, published this letter condemning the actions of gunmen in France.

Theological Education Event Takes Pulse of Seminaries

United Methodist Insight | Marcie Smeck

If conversations shape organizations, what are the key conversations that we should be engaging in now? What are the most important questions that will shape the next evolution of theological education and formation? These were the guiding questions around which a Consultation on Theological Education was convened by the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry.
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