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Meet Me at the Intersection of Love and Justice

Sojourners | Bishop Tonyia M. Rawls

North Carolina Black Clergy Stand for LGBTQ Rights and Protections – As a black, same-gender loving woman, who is a pastor, Bishop and activist, I can solidly say that my wife, children, grandchildren, and community have stronger allies, greater opportunities, and more protections than we have ever had. This is in many ways attributable to a growing number of black clergy who are no longer willing to stand idly by… Read more.

The Pope’s Visit in Mexico

Al Jazeera America | Miguel De La Torre

Al Jazeera America interviews Miguel De La Torre, Professor Social Ethics and Latino/a Studies, about the Pope’s recent visit to Mexico. De La Torre speaks about the Pope becoming the voice for the voiceless in Mexico where every four days five Mexicans or Central Americans are dying in the desert trying to cross into the United States. See video – Al Jazeera

Five Reasons There’s No Getting Past Religion

Patheos Progressive | David Dark

5. The universe is made of stories.
So says the poet Muriel Rukeyser. One person’s guiding story might involve sprinkling water on babies while speaking particular words in the presence of others. Another’s could require an oath of allegiance addressed to a flag. One’s might demand the beheading of journalists while someone else’s deems unfortunate, but also necessary, the deaths of innocent civilians in the liturgies of an alleged homeland security. Read more.

Super Bowl Challenges: Denver vs Carolina to Fight Hunger

RMCUMC - Episcopal Relief - ELCA

Which Super Bowl team can raise the most to fight hunger to win on and off the field?
United in Orange – United Methodist & Presbyterian Churches:
Episcopal Showdown for Episcopal Relief & Development:
Rocky Mountain Synod – ELCA World Hunger Synod Challenge:

#LaryciaHawkins and Missed Opportunities at Ministry

Patheos Progressive Christian | Crystal St. Marie Lewis

Like many of you, I’ve been following the Larycia Hawkins controversy very closely. Hawkins is the tenured professor at Wheaton College who decided to wear a hijab during the season of Advent as a display of solidarity with Muslims. During Dr. Hawkins’ time of solidarity, she publicly declared on her Facebook page that she viewed Muslims as sisters and brothers who have been “formed of the same primordial clay.” …who worship the same God. Read more.

A Year in the Life: Top 10 Progressive Christian Posts of 2015

Patheos | Deborah Arca

The year 2015 brought Patheos bloggers — and especially our passionate Progressive Christian bloggers — plenty to write and rant about, from discriminatory cake bakers to sexually-abusive fundamentalists to Olympic-winning transgenders. We pushed back on the notion of “Christian persecution” in America, grieved way too many mass shootings, and raged on behalf of way too many murdered black youth, men and women at the hands of white cops. We celebrated when same-sex marriage became the law of the land… Read more.

Advent Letter from the Bishop

Rocky Mountain Conference of The United Methodist Church | Bishop Elaine J.W. Stanovsky

…In the darkest days of World War II W. H. Auden wrote these fearsome lines:
Outside the civil garden
Of every day of love there
Crouches a wild passion To destroy and be destroyed.
O who to boast their power
Have challenged it to charge? Like
Wheat our souls are sifted
And cast into the void(1) Read more.

UCC DOC statement on vilification of Muslims

UCC Global Ministries | Global Ministries

A joint statement of the leadership of the United Church of Christ and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) …Recognizing that all people are created in the image of God, and heeding the words of our sacred scripture, we are disturbed and concerned as we witness the divisive discourse in our country concerning our Muslim neighbors. The rhetoric of exclusion and vilification runs absolutely counter to our understanding of God’s oikos, which is an inclusive fellowship of God’s children and creation. Read more.

What a Pastor Has to Say About the Planned Parenthood Attack—and All This Gun Violence

Glamour News | Liz Brody

Rev. Laura Rossbert, a minister, Christ Church, United Methodist, Denver, the pastor interviewed, is an adjunct faculty member at Iliff. …Black Friday turned into a bloody tragedy at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, leaving 12 people gunned down, three of them dead. Although the motive has yet to be officially released, what we do know, is that the accused killer, Robert Dear, is a Christian man of “religious conviction” and a staunch opponent of abortions, according to reporting by the New York Times. We can all stand up in outrage— Read more.

A Prayer for the Nation on the Event of Another Shooting

Sojourners | Mark Sandlin

Good and Gracious God,
Yet again,
our nation grieves.
Yet again,
the life of a child
has been cut
dreadfully short.
Yet again,
we all rally to our
political centers
to cry out
for our guns,
for our rights,
for our safety,
for rational thought… Read more.