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Pope Francis Visits U.S. Greed is Your Fatal Flaw

HUFF POST Religion | Amy Erickson

During his visit to Bolivia in July, the Pope addressed an audience of farmers, trash-pickers, craftspeople, and un-unionized workers. He expressed his compassion for the poor and the marginalized and advocated passionately for them, but he did not stop there. As he did in his encyclical on climate change, the Pope identified and condemned the systemic and structural causes of their suffering: the global idolization of capital and the pursuit of wealth. Read more.

New Faces of Ministry Reclaim and Renew the Church

HUFF POST Religion | Wayne Meisel

For 59 seminarians and recent grads who traveled both across the street and across the country, the end of the summer meant either a return to school to finish a master’s degree, or the beginning of new expressions of ministry. Each of them, both individually and collectively, traveled to share their story of how they came to seminary (or divinity school) and the vision they have for the future of the church. Read more.

Reviewing the Pope’s Encyclical

Our Lucha - blog | Miguel De La Torre

The award-winning poet Alice Walker writes: “Earth itself has become the nigger of the world.” She goes on to elaborate: “It is perceived, ironically, as other, as alien, evil, and threatening by those who are finding they cannot draw a healthful breath without its cooperation. While the Earth is poisoned, everything it supports is poisoned. While the earth is enslaved, none of us is free. While the Earth is a “nigger,” it has no choice but to think of us as all as Wasichus. While it is “treated like dirt,” so are we”…Read more.

Cuban Catholics hope Pope Francis’s visit will be a rock to build church on

The Guardian | Jonathan Watts

Ahead of Pope Francis’s first visit to Cuba this weekend, expectations among the island’s faithful are soaring. Many seek greater progress in the government’s Vatican-brokered thaw with the United States, some hope for a boost in Catholic congregations, a few lobby for political change while a handful pray for nothing less than miracles. Iliff Cuban-American Professor Miguel DeLaTorre is quoted in the article. Read more.

Bow Ties are Cool (and Subversive)

Our Lucha - blog | Miguel De La Torre

…Reflecting on the start of her own journey, Cherríe Moraga recalls that for her mother, on a basic economic level, being Chicana meant being “less.” She goes on to observe. “It was through my mother’s desire to protect her children from poverty and illiteracy that we became ‘anglicized’; the more effective we could pass in the white world, the better guaranteed our future.” Read more.

Nadia Bolz-Weber, tattooed “Pastrix,” ministers to sinners and saints

The Denver Post | Colleen O'Connor

Nadia Bolz-Weber, founder of the edgy church called House for All Sinners and Saints in Denver, just finished her second book, “Accidental Saints: Finding God in All the Wrong People.” It follows her 2013 memoir, “Pastrix,” a New York Times best seller that chronicled her spiritual journey and gained her lots of fans. Read more.

Being Brown While Black Lives Matter

Our Lucha - blog | Miguel De La Torre

Yes – black lives matter. But for centuries they haven’t. Killing black folk was considered sport, as documented by early twentieth century souvenir postcards of lynchings, where good Christians looked into the camera as that “strange fruit” swung from the trees behind them. The police, with a history to “protect and serve” whites from the menace of blacks, could always kill blacks with impunity. Read more.

Plagirizing the Poor

Our Lucha - blog | Miguel De La Torre

A few years ago, I shared a not-yet-completed manuscript with my class of doctoral students in an effort to receive feedback on some concepts I was developing surrounding the theme of indecent ethics. When I eventually presented those theories at a conference, I discovered that one of those students was passing off my work as their own, without proper attribution. As could be imagined, I was enraged. Some time passed before I began to realize that there is nothing new under the sun. I was forced to deal with my own arrogance…Read more.

One Year Later: The Evolution of a Movement

Sojourners | Lisa Sharon Harper

Over the course of the year since Michael Brown died, we have learned critical lessons that have fueled the movement, bringing together young activists, clergy, and evangelicals in unlikely, yet cohesive alliance. – See more.

The Education of Dylann Roof – Part IV Guns

Our Lucha - blog | Miguel De La Torre

One clear indication that we are sliding toward of a new dark age is the devaluation of human life. Dylann Roof was raised in a culture where he learned that life is cheap; a culture that taught him that some lives matter more than others. Only by pretending not to see can we ignore how gun proliferation contributes to an ever-increasing body count and an attitude that the lives of darker bodies are expendable. Read more.