Justice & Peace Concentration

Commitment to Justice & Peace

As reflected in the Iliff mission statement, a commitment to issues of justice and peace burns deeply within the heart of our community. This ever-evolving commitment informs who we have been, who we are, and who we hope to become.

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One of the first initiatives of its type among seminaries and theological schools, the Justice & Peace Program has provided leadership in this arena for nearly a quarter-century. We define the ideals for which we are named in a holistic and collective sense, integrating the material needed by bodies, the engagement needed by minds, the meaning needed by spirits, the belonging needed by individuals, and the freedom needed by peoples. More importantly, we seek to bring this definition to life by cultivating awareness, relationship, and possibility both locally and globally.

The Justice & Peace Program provides opportunities for learning, engagement, and action inside and outside of the classroom. Although a wide array of topics have been and continue to be addressed (please see the Program Archives for a more complete listing), specific emphasis is currently being placed upon three related content areas:

  • eating and food
  • the environment
  • globalism

Together, these areas reveal intimate connections, important differences, and pressing conflicts within creation. They also demonstrate our society’s vital need for understanding and transformation. Program participants will be able to explore these three areas through our new certificate program and an upcoming international conference hosted by Iliff entitled Eating and Food: Producing Privilege, Consuming Justice.

As we engage in the struggle for a better world, we recognize that we are not alone. We therefore warmly invite you to come as you are and join us as we seek to challenge and support each other on our mutual journey toward fairness and wholeness.

Change the World

Edward P. Antonio

Director of Justice & Peace Programs