Justice & Peace Certificate Program

Learning About Justice & Peace

As part of its core effort to be academically excellent, spiritually vital, and socially transformative, Iliff offers students the opportunity to pursue a unique certificate in Justice & Peace Studies.

The certificate in Justice & Peace Studies is an interdisciplinary program which draws from theology, ethics, philosophy, and the social sciences. It introduces students to theories, methods, issues and theologies of Justice & Peace and to the analysis of concrete issues such as peace-building, war, the environment, violence, food and hunger, globalization, social, political, economic, and criminal justice as well as aspects of international development, public policy processes, and the role of social change movements.

Students take 4 Justice & Peace related courses selected from the curriculum. Examples of recent courses include:

  • Ethical Analysis and Advocacy
  • Justice and Peace Studies
  • Global Issues in Food & Eating
  • Women, War and Religion
  • Social Ethical Issues: Global Hunger
  • J&P Praxis Classes

The courses selected must include Foundations of Justice & Peace, and two Praxis Seminars (which may be counted as one course) approved by the Director of the Justice & Peace Program.