Strategic Focus

Strategic Focus

Over the past twenty-four years, the Justice & Peace Program has offered a wide range of praxis courses and community activities. These offerings have encompassed topics as diverse as restorative justice, nuclear disarmament, community organizing, and GLBTQ equality…just to name a few. In addition, they have attracted the participation of a stunning array of recognized scholar-activists hailing from the local, national, and international spheres.

Eating and Food, Environment, Globalism

While such diverse engagement remains a hallmark of the Program, our strategic plan for the next several years will emphasize three related content areas: eating and food, environment, and globalism. Together, these areas reveal many of the vital conflicts and emerging opportunities which future struggles for justice and peace must engage. The goal of this approach is to better prepare students to apply relevant theory to meaningful action in the real-world contexts which they will encounter.

The content areas of eating and food, environment, and globalism will be addressed in several specific ways, including through:

  • A new certificate program in Justice & Peace Studies;
  • Specifically designed academic courses such as Foundations of Justice & Peace and Eating and the Environment;
  • An international academic conference entitled Eating and Food: Producing Privilege, Consuming Justice;
  • Several new cultural immersion learning projects (immersion trip to Zimbabwe & South Africa completed Nov. 2013 with future opportunities planned);
  • Internship and service opportunities with local and global partner organizations; and
  • Social action, lobbying, and community reflection events targeting timely issues (for example, through an upcoming Oxfam Hunger Banquet).