Online Learning Checklist

Course Calendar

Online courses at Iliff follow the ten week quarter schedule unless otherwise indicated. See the academic calendar for important dates. Students will have due dates for their assignments, projects, papers, tests and quizzes. You are expected to follow the course calendar provided within your syllabus.

Course Materials

The syllabus for your course will list all of the required course materials. Be sure to pay close attention to the specifics of the required materials, such as edition or translator, when purchasing books. For access to library resources, contact Taylor Library for information on obtaining reciprocal library privileges at a library near you.

Computer Access Requirements

As an Iliff student, you must have daily access to a computer. If you don’t have frequent access, online learning might not be for you.

Refer to Iliff’s technology policy and requirements for what’s needed and recommended for your computer software, hardware, and browser.


E-mail will be one of the primary modes of communication used for online courses offered by Iliff. You will receive an Iliff e-mail address and you are required to regularly check this e-mail account or forward it to another active e-mail account.