Friends of Iliff

Iliff gratefully acknowledges Friends of Iliff who have given $1-$99 in the calendar year.

Darrel Aleson ‘74
Antony Alumkal*
Kristen Eileen Andersen ‘12
Pam Babb
Carmen E. Baca*
Robert L. Barnes ‘70
Helen Barron
Michael G. Bell ‘95
Bonnie L. Benda ‘78 ‘83
Gordon ‘56 + and La Rue Benesh
Tilman and Wyndell Bishop
Wedigan Powell Bland Jr. ‘02
David Bloor ‘61
Henry Blount, Jr. ‘81
Nell Bly
Nancy Boswell ‘00
LeRoy Bratton ‘63 ‘65
George Briggs ‘55
R. Leroy Brightup ‘71
Elmer P. Brinkman ‘72
Joanne Faye Buchanan-Brown ‘03
Amelie Buchanan-Johnson ‘00
Paula Budzak ‘86
Russell V. Butler ‘96
Janice Bye ‘85
Emily W. Byrd
Kathleen S. Cackowsky
Virginia C. Chase ‘92 ‘95
Erin Christensen
Stephen Collins ‘11
Harold Davis ‘82
Miguel A. De La Torre*
Paul Dickerson ‘83
Anne Dunlap ‘08
Alisha D. Eno*
Gerald L. Eno*
Marvin A. Essing ‘64
Janet Sue Everhart ‘03
James A. Farrell ‘57
Charles Fasanaro ‘80 ‘83
Patricia Shawn Fawson
Catherine O. Fisher*
Wallace Ford ‘79
Donald Forsman ‘85
Bill Fowler ‘72
K. Lowell and Barbara A. Gaither ‘64
Gregory G. Garland ‘82
Grant Howard Gieseke ‘04
William E. and Dorothy Goe
Grayson Gowen ‘63
Lois McPherson Gray ‘04
Mary Kathryn Green ‘81
Paul Christopher Griego ‘11
Larry Gulledge*
Susan C. Gumm ‘07
Jim and Margaret Rush Hankins
Sandra Harkovich*
Mariah Elizabeth Ann Hayden ‘05
Judith R. Heller ‘89 ‘96
Donald Helseth ‘80
Michael Paul Hemenway*
Malcolm E. Himschoot ‘04
Darrel Hinshaw ‘70
Allen Jackson ‘58
Linova Jennewein ‘81
Shani Lynn Jones ‘12
James C. Keesey ‘53
Jay Kline and Penny Swift ‘99 Kelly
Elizabeth A. Ketcham ‘99
Mark Alan Kille ‘11
David Dean King ‘06 ‘11
Kara Kingma*
Thomas E. Korson ‘93 ‘95
Jon Kottke
Burl G. ‘60 and Kathleen Kreps ‘60
Kenneth and Phyllis Kruse
Deborah Lawrence ‘98
Greta Ann Leach ‘10
Nancy Louise Leonard ‘05
Carl and Eileen Lepisto
Harry T. Lewis
Betty Ludlam
Leslie L. Ludlam ‘95
Dale Luther ‘56
Mary H. MacDonald ‘12
Sheridan ‘61 and Charlotte Mallott ‘68
Marie Michele Marchand ‘03
Marcia Meier*
Sue Mohrman ‘89
James Morris ‘68
Suzanne Mueller*
Harriet Elizabeth Mullaney ‘02
Mary Mullarkey
Kenneth W. Neal ‘60
P. Dale Neufer ‘72
Bruce and Joceile Nordwall
Robert Nowling ‘61
Ronald Page ‘75
Susan Ann Patterson-Sumwalt ‘06
Raleigh J. Peterson ‘60
Elizabeth M. Pexton ‘03
James W. Phillips Jr.
Julie M. Poore ‘84
John and Gloria Post
Sara Power ‘93
Louis M. Pratt ‘64
Louise C. Randall
Janet Ratliff
Geraldine ReQua
John Paul Richardson Sr. ‘10
Celeste Julie Rossmiller ‘06
Gary and Carol Sandsted
Albert Scarffe ‘49
Paul Scheibner ‘62
Jarrell Sharp ‘57
Jeremy James Shaver ‘05
Rebekah E. Simon-Peter ‘95 ‘98
Roger L. Smith ‘59
Vernon Sorensen ‘76
Donna Sovern
John and Dixie Spangler
Robert and Joyce Spears
Donna Mae Spring
Waverly Gene Sprouse ‘04
David Steffenson ‘62
Karen Lee Stoffers-Pugh ‘05
Virginia Sumners ‘93
Eric Talla ‘69
Vincent J. Tango ‘09*
Tezenlo Thong ‘09
Betty J. Walker
Patricia E. Walker ‘93
Jonathan Roger Wallace ‘12
Will Wedow*
Ashley Christina Whitaker ‘12
Dave and Ruth Whitt
Deborah Williams
Dean A. Woodward ‘72
Christine Xavier ‘82
Tina Yankee ‘85

**Iliff Trustee *Iliff Faculty or Staff
+ Deceased

All gifts acknowledged in this report were given between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31, 2012. Every attempt at accuracy has been made. To report errors or omissions contact the Institutional Advancement Office, Marcena Holsopple, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or 303-765-3122.