Legacy Planned Giving Society

The Legacy Society was organized in 1999 to recognize and thank alumni and alumnae and friends who have made a commitment to the Iliff School of Theology through their will, a trust, a gift annuity, a life insurance policy, or another deferred gift. Because all planned gifts represent an expression of confidence in Iliff, the Legacy Society has no minimum gift level, membership is for life, and there is no membership fee.

Joy Allen
Herbert and Laura May Bacon
Charles ‘86 and Jackie L. Bader
Walter E. Bailey ‘67
William E. ‘64 and Sue Ellen Ballard ‘64
David R. Baum
James H. and Mercedes Beck +
Bonnie L. Benda ‘78 ‘83
Eugene ‘76 and Barbara Nowlen Beye
Robert and Ann Blessin
Louis + and Mary Lou Bloede
Walter J. ‘53 ‘61 and Patricia A. Boigegrain
Betty Jo Bradford ‘99 ‘06
H. Myron Braun ‘47 +
Sara F. Brooks +
Del + and Nancy Brown
John and Carol Burtness
Virginia C. Chase ‘92 ‘95
Alva Clark ‘39 ‘45 +
Robert + and Lois Clazie
Jennie C. Court
Calhoun Cox, Jr.
Dorothy A. Creager
Robert ‘43 and Barbara Deal
Richard N. Dearing ‘62 ‘71
Jordan E. ‘51 ‘53 and Jeanne Detzer
Arch Deuel
Susan and James Duncan
Doris Dunn ‘86 ‘88
Lonnie R. ‘67 and Terry Eakle
Pamela Eisenbaum
James Else, THM ‘49
Thomas M. English ‘65
Margaret Ernst
H. Edward Everding
Isabella Farnham
Robert ‘57 and Elaine Fleenor
Donald G. Forsberg ‘56 +
Gerald ‘57 + and Florence Forshey
Estate of George Fort ‘49
Anita A. Fricklas ‘85
A. Carlynne Gano
Darwin and Carlynne Gano
Robert and Sally Geis
Mark George*
Donald L. ‘57 and Carol L. Germain
Charles D. Gilbert ‘66
John C.’46 ‘59 and Roberta Gingerich
Robert and Tricia Graf
Rhondda and Peter Grant
Kathleen M. Haley ‘98
T. William ‘46 and Ruth Hall
Evelyn Hamilton
Earl K. ‘52 ‘78 and Rhonda Hanna
Karen Frances Hansen ‘93
Jane C. Hays ‘78
Ronald ‘66 and Patricia Hodges
Walter + and Fern Holmquist
William R. Iiams ‘55
Marybelle L. Iliff +
Noble ‘46 + and Mary Kime
Genie H. Kistler ‘82
Kay E. Krebs ‘06
Peter Kufeke
Arnold R. Lewis ‘50
Dale Luther ‘56
Charlotte and David Maldonado
Joretta L. Marshall ‘80
Calvin D. McConnell ‘54
Rodger McDaniel ‘99
Linda Ann McMillen ‘02
Richard D. and Verna McMillen*
Bob + and Dolores Meader
Donald and Bonnie Messer
Mary Milligan
Clair E. Mitchell ‘55
H. Earl Morris Jr ‘49 +
Darrell and India Mount
Stanley Mullen
Paul ‘60 + and Paula Murphy
Ned and Frances Naylor +
Sharyl Bender Peterson ‘97
Richard L. ‘60 and Ethel Phillips
Harvey H. Potthoff ‘35 ‘41 +
Conard G Pyle ‘54
Victor and Lynne Quinn
Everett Richey ‘60 +
Robert P. Robinson ‘52 ‘55
Richard Rossiter ‘84
Rebecca Rouse ‘06
Eugene ‘53 + and Madeline Rowbotham
Jay ‘88 and Kristen Rundell
Mabel E. Sausaman
Kent M Savage ‘66
Albert Scarffe ‘49
Paul Scheibner ‘62
Margaret E. Scheve ‘34 +
Scott Jay Schiesswohl ‘85 ‘06
Dolores and Lee Schlessman
Alberta Iliff Shattuck +
Douglas W Slaughter ‘88
Mary Neel Smith +
Clarence and Shirley ‘67 Snelling
William Sparks ‘55 ‘57
C. Orville ‘34 + and Marjorie Strohl
Ebenezer B. Sunanda ‘63 ‘67
Glendora D Taylor ‘76 ‘80
J. Alton ‘53 ‘56 and Dorothy Templin ‘54
John C. Thompson ‘72
David Trickett
Susan Trickett
Thomas* and Merle Marie Troeger
Joan M. VanBecelaere ‘82
Marilyn Klinger Ware ‘88
Dana and Linda Wilbanks
Suzanne Iliff Witzler** and Cap Witzler
Ransom ‘81** and Justine Woods +
Bill Wright
Lynda and Bill Wright
J. Robert Young

*charter member
+ deceased

Legacy gifts acknowledged in this report were given as of December 31, 2012. Every attempt at accuracy has been made. To report errors or omissions contact Institutional Advancement, 303-765-3122.