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Exciting changes have taken place in technology and library services at Iliff. In our commitment to cultivating culturally relevant and historically aware media capacities in our communities, Iliff has brought the library and technology services together into a collaborative organizational unit called .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). Agora is a term from Western antiquity that connotes a gathering space for encounter and exchange. This antique image of gathering locally and encountering others for dialog and sharing ideas fits the growing trend of academic commons efforts and signals our commitment to the study of meaningful cultural conversation throughout history.

In the process of rolling out this name, agora@iliff, some meaningful questions and concerns have arisen about the problematics and possibilities of this name and what it might suggest about our identity and values at Iliff. This kind of dialog is exactly what we hope for in our new spaces, so we move into this new name in the context of this ongoing conversation. Our faculty will help facilitate a targeted community discussion of why names matter, some different connotations of agora@iliff, and the rhetorics of alternative names such as academic research collective (arc@iliff) or ishi@iliff (ishi is the command verb meaning “live” in Kiswahili). More details to come, we hope you will join us.

You can find agora@iliff online at http://agora.iliff.edu (this will take the place of iliff’s library website). If you have any questions related to technologies, instruction, library services, writing, research, reference, course design, etc., please don’t hesitate to contact us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

The overlapping focal points that comprise agora@iliff are:

Ira J. Taylor Collection

Our agora@iliff team continues Iliff’s historic investment in the collection, curation, and circulation of books, journals, artifacts, and resources that facilitate the curricular and research interests of our students, staff, and faculty.

Infrastructural Technologies (IT)

We remain dedicated to implementing and supporting meaningful technologies that shape the administrative and academic work of Iliff at all levels.

Learning Lab

The Learning Lab will focus on cultivating media capacities by providing support for course design, online instruction, research, reference instruction, and creative uses of institutional technologies to meet the administrative needs of the school. We will offer ongoing experimental workshops for staff, faculty, and students (e.g. natural language processing, relevant use of social media, information curation skills, writing moments, etc.). The Learning Lab will also house the Iliff Writing Lab, which will allow us to continue integrating writing support into course design and research capacities.

As we move through the quarter, look for more updates on the progress we are making to support learning at Iliff. The spaces of agora@iliff will continue to change as we respond to the emerging needs of the various communities of Iliff. We are grateful for your patience and eager to learn together in these new endeavors. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or come by and see us at http://agora.iliff.edu or on campus.

the agora team (http://agora.iliff.edu/team)