For answers to any questions not answered here, call the Circulation Desk at 303-765-3173.

1. Who can use the library?

The primary mission of Taylor Library is to support the information and research needs of the Iliff community. However, the library is open to the public (see FAQ # 14).

2. How do I get to the library and where can I park while using the library?

Taylor Library is in the main Iliff School of Theology complex at 2323 E. Iliff Ave. From University, turn west on Iliff Avenue. Turn right into the first parking lot. Press the button and tell the receptionist that you’re here to use the library. Sign in at the reception desk and you will be directed from there.

3. What hours is the library open?

See our Calendar and Hours

4. What is ISAIAH? How do I access the library catalog?

ISAIAH is the online catalog for materials (books, journal titles, and other resources) that are owned by Taylor Library. ISAIAH stands for “Iliff’s System to Access Information and Holdings." ISAIAH is on the Internet at

5. How can I check to see what books I have out and when they’re due?

From the main page of ISAIAH (see FAQ #4), click on “My Account.” Your library barcode number is found on the back of your Iliff ID or, for members of the public, on the back of your library card. You only need to enter the last 5 digits of your barcode number. Your PIN is the last 4 digits of your home phone number or the phone number you gave when your account was created.

6. Can I renew materials online?

Yes. See FAQ # 5 for instructions on accessing your library account. There is an exception for renewing materials due at the end of Spring Quarter. At this time materials must be physically presented at the Circulation Desk for renewal.

7. What does “Place a hold” mean on a catalog record?

You may use the “Place a hold” button to put a hold on a book that is currently checked out. We do not pull books from the shelf to hold for you.

8. For how long are books checked out? Will I get a reminder when my books are due?

Books are checked out until the end of the current academic quarter. However, after you’ve had the item for two weeks, it is subject to recall if requested by another user. No, reminder notices are not sent.

9. Where do I find my library barcode number?

On the back of your Iliff ID or, for members of the public, on the back of your library card.

10. Where do I find items that are on Reserve?

Items that are on Reserve may be checked out at the Circulation Desk in the lobby of the library. The checkout period is two hours, and the items may not leave the library. Reference books are found in the Reference Collection on the main floor of the library.

11. What research assistance does the library offer?

Basic assistance is available at the Circulation Desk and at the Help Desk in the computer center. A Reference/Research Librarian is available most weekdays from 9 am to 5:30 pm. Her office opens into the computer center. She is always happy to be interrupted from office work to assist you! Email the Reference Librarian .

12. Does the library have study carrels and study rooms?

Taylor Library has study carrels but no study rooms. Study carrels are assigned from a registration process in September of each year. There is no charge. The library also has lockers for secure storage of personal belongings. See the Library Assistant.

13. What services are available when the library is closed?

Iliff students, faculty and staff may obtain access codes so they can use the online databases from off campus. They may also file Interlibrary Loan requests through the ATLAReligion and WorldCat databases. (ILL services are not available to members of the general public or to alumni. Contact your local public library.) ISAIAH is always available on the Internet.

14. What services does the library offer for members of the public?

Residents of the Denver metropolitan area may obtain “Local Visitor” library cards that enable them to check out up to three items at a time. Any user may pay $25 to check out up to ten items at a time.
Members of the public are also welcome to use any of our resources, including our online article databases, within the library.

15. How much is printing and photocopying?

Printing and photocopying cost $0.10 per page. Printing charges are registered on a print card obtained at the Circulation Desk. The photocopiers accept $1 and $5 bills as well as change. If you need other change, the Circulation staff will be happy to accommodate you (no large bills please).

16. Where are the “Faculty Collection” and the “Thesis Collection”? Can items in these collections be checked out?

These collections are stored in our Special Collections room. They may be requested for use within the library. See the Reference & Instruction Librarian.

17. What if I can’t find something?

First, ask any library staff person, including the work-study students at the Circulation Desk or the Help Desk in the Computer Center. Also, the Reference Librarian’s office is adjacent to the Computer Center.
If you cannot find a specific issue of a periodical, check with Alice Runis, the Technical Services Librarian. Her office is in the back of the library, behind the bound periodicals.

For more information on or clarification of any of our policies, please contact Alice Runis, interim library director, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or 303-765-3174.