Episcopal Church: Anglican Studies

The Iliff School of Theology has joined with the Episcopal Diocese of Colorado in providing a specific component of the Master of Divinity degree in Anglican Studies. In general, the basic requirements for the MDIV degree are required with additional courses specifically designed for ministries in the Episcopal Church (including lay ministry). With the permission of the Commission on Ministry and the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese, the classes may be used in the preparation for ordination in the Episcopal Church. The eight required courses are offered on a two-year rotation.

Details and further information are available from the Director of Anglican Studies, (303) 744-1287.

Anglican Studies Courses

  • BR 3225 English Reformation and Background
  • BV 2350 Anglican Spirituality
  • BT 3045 Readings in Anglican Theology
  • BX 2335 Anglican Communion: Polity, the Episcopal Church and Canon Law
  • BV 2315 Anglican Liturgy I
  • BV 2316 Anglican Liturgy II
  • BV 2355 Anglican Spiritual Formation
  • BX 2330 Anglican Pastoral Formation


Anglican Studies MDIV students follow the same pattern of requirements as other MDIV students with the following exceptions:

  • Sequence I      no changes
  • Sequence II     no changes
  • Sequence III    add English Reformation and Background
  • Sequence IV     add Readings in Anglican Theology
  • Sequence V      Anglican Liturgy I & II instead of Ritual & Worship

Additional Course Requirements:

  • Anglican Communion: Polity, the Episcopal Church and Canon Law
  • Anglican Spirituality

Personal Professional Formation:

Anglican students participate in Basic Field Education. They substitute Anglican Pastoral Formation, Anglican Spiritual Formation and Clinical Pastoral Education for the Advanced Field Education requirement.

Anglican Studies Adjunct Faculty

  • Susan Backus. Ph.D., University of Denver/Iliff School of Theology
  • Rev. Sarah A. Berlin. M.A.C.L., Regis University
  • Rev. Sandra Boyd, M.Div., Episcopal Divinity School, Ph.D. candidate, University of Denver/Iliff School of Theology
  • Very Rev. Peter D. Eaton, M.A., Oxford University
  • Rev. James L. Harlan. M.Div., Seabury-Western Theological Seminary
  • Chancellor Lawrence Hitt, J.D., University of Wisconsin (Madison)
  • Gregory Allen Robbins. M.Div., Yale Divinity School; Ph.D., Duke University