Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Lutheran Studies at Iliff

Beginning in 2006, Iliff in cooperation with the Rocky Mountain Synod will offer several courses in Lutheran Studies. Some of these courses will be offered in collaboration with the Iliff Anglican Studies Program.

BX 2620 “Lutheran Theological Identity” is scheduled for Winter 2006-2007. Another course, “Church and Mission: Lutheran Perspectives” is being developed for 2007-2008.

Candidacy in the ELCA

ELCA students who anticipate serving as ordained pastors, consecrated diaconal ministers, or commissioned associates in ministry are urged to be in contact with their synodical Candidacy Committee prior to beginning study or within the first year of study. For students from the Rocky Mountain Synod of the ELCA, the contact person is Madelyn Busse, assistant to the bishop, 303 777 6700.

There are three steps in Candidacy: Entrance, Endorsement and Approval. Information regarding the Candidacy process may be obtained from the synod office or online at http://www.elca.org/candidacy.


All ELCA candidates for ordained and consecrated ministries must be recommended or approved by the faculty of an ELCA seminary. To be considered for recommendation, ELCA students studying at Iliff enter into a relationship of “affiliation” with an ELCA seminary. Affiliation is part of the Candidacy Process of the ELCA and should be established as early in the seminary preparation process as possible, but must occur prior to Endorsement. The faculty at the affiliate seminary will advise the candidate throughout the process; supervise the internship year, provide the year of resident theological study, and submit a recommendation regarding approval or ordination or consecration to the candidate’s synod.

Candidates at Iliff are urged to be in regular consultation with their ELCA faculty advisors in order to make the best possible use of the resources at Iliff.

Internship and Supervised Clinical Ministry

Because ELCA candidates for ordination are required to serve a year long internship, those students who are both affiliated and have Endorsement from the Candidacy Committee of their synod, may petition that the Advanced Field Education requirement at Iliff be met by completing a Basic Unit of CPE. Completion of CPE is a requirement for ordination in the ELCA.

Candidates for consecration will work in consultation with the Candidacy Committee and seminary of affiliation to determine how the diaconal ministry field experience requirement is met. With completion of the diaconal ministry formation event and Endorsement by the Candidacy Committee, it would be possible to combine the ELCA requirement with the advanced field education requirement of Iliff.


ELCA candidates for ordination are required to complete an academic year of residency at an ELCA seminary. The year of residency may come at any point during a candidate’s M.Div. program, or it may follow the completion of the M.Div. program at Iliff. Iliff credits may be transferred to an ELCA seminary if the student plans to graduate from the Lutheran seminary. Likewise, ELCA seminary credits may be transferred to Iliff if the student plans to graduate from Iliff. The “Lutheran Year” provides formation as well as education in the Lutheran tradition and therefore is not normally waived or reduced in length.