Unitarian Universalist

There is a long history of welcoming Unitarian Universalist (UU) students to the School and Iliff graduates serve throughout the UUA. There is a UU Students Association that is part of the Iliff Student Senate. The campus offers UU students close access to a number of metro UU congregations and the office of the Mountain Desert District of the UUA. The UU ministers of the Denver area and the MDD District Executive take an active interest in UU students studying at Iliff.

The UUA in our region has put together a fabulous resource for Iliff students and prospective ones. View it here: http://www.livingintocovenantdenver.org/

The Ministerial Fellowship Committee of the Unitarian Universalist Association has articulated the following expectations for competency for fellowship. Many of these areas are directly addressed in Iliff’s Sequence classes (MDIV requirements), courses in UU Polity and UU History, and elective courses, especially in Iliff’s Justice and Peace Studies program.

Academic Competence

  • Theology: Knowledge of historical and contemporary theology, with the ability to articulate one’s own theology. (Sequence IV classes and electives)
  • Church History: Knowledge of major events and themes of the Christian Church and the development of Unitarianism and Universalism. (Sequence III classes and electives)
  • Hebrew and Christian Scriptures: Ability to critically analyze both the Hebrew and Christian scriptures. (Sequence II classes and electives)
  • World Religions: Comparative knowledge of major world religions and in-depth study of at least one religious tradition other than Unitarian Univeralism. (Sequence I classes and electives)
  • Social Theory/Social Ethics: Knowledge of social theory, ethics and justice, and the dynamics of social change. (Sequence I, Sequence IV and Sequence V classes and electives)
  • Human Development/Family Life Education/Ministry with Youth and Young Adults: Knowledge of theories of human development related to adolescence, parenting, and death. (Sequence IV and Sequence V classes and electives)

Unitarian Universalist Competence

  • Unitarian Universalist History and Polity: (Iliff offers both UU Polity and UU History on a regular basis)
  • Religious Education History, Theory, Method, And Practice: An understanding of several current philosophies of educational learning theories and teaching methods in addition to the history and philosophy of Unitarian Universalist religious education. (Sequence V classes and electives)
  • Professional Ethics/ UUMA Guidelines: (UU Polity course and Basic Colloquium required of all first year MDIV, MASC and MAPSC students)

Professional Competence

  • Worship, Preaching, Music Aesthetics: Knowledge of the theory and art of worship, preaching and rites of passage, and experience in conducting religious ceremonies. (Sequence V classes and electives)
  • Pastoral Care and Counseling: Familiarity with theories, techniques and issues related to pastoral counseling. (Sequence IV classes and electives; One unit of Clinical Pastoral Education is required, which may be taken for credit through Iliff’s Office of Ministry Studies)
  • Leadership and Organization: Knowledge of group dynamics, interpersonal communication, theories of ministry and family systems theory. (Sequence V classes and electives)
  • Administration and Management: Basic competence in methods and theories of administration and fund raising. (See elective courses)
  • Anti-Racism, Anti-Oppression and Multiculturalism: Iliff offers a number of courses, particularly through its Justice and Peace Office, which explore concepts of anti-racism and diversity. (See Iliff’s Justice and Peace Studies program and the School’s many electives in the areas of social justice and ethics)