United Methodist Deacon

The Office of the Ordained Deacon in the United Methodist Church

Academic preparation for Ordained Deacon in the United Methodist Church can be completed in two different ways:

  • Through one of Iliff’s professional Master’s degrees: (MDIV), (MAPSC), or (MASC)
  • For students’ who already have a professional graduate degree in a field related to their work as a Deacon, and with the approval of the denomination, by enrolling as a special student and completing courses that meet the Basic Graduate Theological Studies course requirements

It is advisable that students talk with their Board of Ordained Ministry to consult about the most appropriate way to complete the requirements for ordination as a Deacon.

Iliff courses that meet the basic requirements for Ordained Deacon are listed below. This course list has been developed in consultation with the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry of the United Methodist Church. A full description of each course is found in the Course List section of this catalog.

Hebrew Bible

2SQ 103 Hebrew Bible I

New Testament

2SQ 108 New Testament Introduction II
Iliff recommends that Special Students preparing for Ordination as Deacon also take Hebrew Bible II and New Testament I for credit or audit.

Church History

(Any one of these courses will meet the requirement.)
3SQ 101 Christianity from the Beginnings to the Early Middle Ages
3SQ 102 Christianity in Western Europe in the Middle Ages
3SQ 104 Christianity from the Reformation to the Enlightenment
3SQ 105 Christianity in the Modern World: Colonialism and Christianities in the Americas, Asia and Africa


4SQ 101 Theological Imagination and Construction I
Students with an appropriate background in theological studies may petition to take 4SQ 102 Theological Imagination and Construction II to meet the foundation requirement.
4SQ 108 Pastoral Theology and Care is not required for the Ordained Deacon, but it is highly recommended.

The Mission of the Church

1SQ 108 Religion in Human Transformation

United Methodist Courses

BX 2113 United Methodist History and Sources of United Methodist Doctrine
BX 2115 United Methodist Doctrine
BX 2120 United Methodist Discipline and Polity
0BV 242 Mission and Evangelism in Contemporary Contexts or an equivalent class


5SQ 108 Introduction to Christian Worship

Personal and Professional Formation

PPF 101/102/103 Colloquium/Basic Field Education
Consultation and Guidance: Phases I, II & III
3 Practica

Area of Specialization

Additional work as required by chosen area of specialization for students in the MASC or MAPSC degree programs.