Diversities Directory

Faculty of Color

Iliff faculty of color represent different racial, ethnic and gender diversities which include Cuban- American, African, Asia-American, Korean, and Native-American. While we do not claim that these backgrounds exhaust the range of ethnic and racial differences present in the United States, our faculty of color make up 28% or close to one-third of Iliff’s core faculty. This is a critical mass few schools of theology of our type can boast.

In addition to race, gender and ethnicity, our faculty of color come from different religious and denominational backgrounds—Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, Episcopalian and Indigenous Religions, and teach and research in different fields such as history, ethics, theology and social theory, sociology of religion, homiletics, and indigenous traditions. They are all actively engaged in leveraging diversity for justice and peace at Iliff, in the academy, and in their respective communities.