Diversities Resources

  • Celebrating Black History 365Some people dream of success while others wake up and work hard at it! Lawson State Community College, Alabama, provides an online salute to individuals throughout black history who have excelled in their fields and enriched our world. Click on the images to read the biographical information about these influential people.
  • Holy Days with Restriction/Obligations – The University of Denver, Office of the University Chaplain, provides a calendar of holy days observed by people of all faiths that must be considered during the academic year.
  • Interfaith Calendar – Serving a global community, The University of Denver, provides an online calendar of primary sacred times for world religions.
  • Shower of Stoles Project – This is an online and traveling collection of over a thousand liturgical stoles and other sacred items representing the lives of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people of faith. These religious leaders have served in thirty-two denominations and faith traditions, in six countries, and on three continents. The exhibit is maintained by the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force‚Äôs Institute for Welcoming Resources.
  • HTIHispanic Theological Initiative – Iliff is a proud member of HTI whose purpose is in Creating and Nurturing a Community of Latina and Latino Scholars Through the Combined Efforts of the Consortium Member Schools.