The Iliff Diversity Experience

Diversity – a Way of Life

At Iliff, diversity is not an ideology, rather it is a way of life. It is featured in our vision and mission, in our strategic plan, in our research and teaching, in our communications both internal and external and in our everyday practices. Iliff has a reputation as an inclusive, open, welcoming and progressive school of theology.

At Iliff, Diversity is a multi-faceted challenge which we understand as:

  • an ongoing task – it is something we must work at constantly
  • an obligation – it is morally the right thing to do
  • an opportunity – it opens doors of connection, justice and social engagement/transformation
  • a vision – it is the way we see and imagine the future- it is in this regard our way of daring to hope
  • our identity – that is who Iliff is and is all about
  • a vocation – it is our calling
  • a journey – it is the challenging path we travel everyday
  • a treasure – it enriches everything we do
  • an invitation – it is how we welcome and embrace difference
  • democratic – it enables inclusion of the other
  • relational – it connects us to each other, to our immediate communities and to the world at large
  • justice – it is about achieving equity for all