Mission & Vision

The Iliff School of Theology is a graduate theological school related to the United Methodist Church. Its central mission is the education of persons for effective ministry in Christian churches and other religious communities, for academic leadership, and for the cultivation of justice and peace in local and global contexts.

Iliff affirms its United Methodist identity and its liberal Christian heritage, grounded in scriptures and traditions, critical thinking, and openness to emerging truths, including those derived from science, experience, and other faith traditions. In a world fragmented by religious and ideological conflicts, Iliff promotes theological scholarship and dialogue to foster transformative possibilities for humanity and nature. View Iliff – A Place of Courage (video)

In the pursuit of this mission,

  • Iliff strives to be academically excellent, spiritually vital, and socially transformative.
  • Iliff seeks to prepare students for effective ministry through the integration of theory and practice.
  • Iliff plays a unique educational role in the vast Western region of the United States.
  • Iliff is committed to being ecumenical, interfaith and globally conscious in the best United Methodist tradition.
  • Iliff collaborates with the University of Denver, linked by historic ties and current programs.
  • Iliff celebrates its ties with other historic members of the Methodist denominational family, especially those of African-American heritage.
  • Iliff hosts a program in Anglican Studies and promotes institutional relationships with many other denominations and religious communities.
  • Iliff serves a broad student constituency, representing more than 30 faith traditions and cultures, and continually seeks to broaden this constituency.
  • Iliff provides theological resources for wider publics beyond its student body through non-degree programs and community outreach.
  • Iliff is committed to modeling the values it embraces: diversity, mutual respect, accountability, honest communication, critical self-reflection, curiosity, creativity and a sense of adventure.