Professional Formation

The Office of Professional Formation (OPF) provides holistic preparation for leadership through praxis within Internship and CPE. The purpose of the professional formation curriculum is to cultivate the habits and practices for critical reflection, skills development, and the capacity to work across diversity and difference towards social justice and peace, including:

  1. Professional Formation: Developing a professional identity, along with practices and ethics in relationship to diverse others within institutions and communities.
  2. Personal Formation: Deepening how one understands their personality and how they relate to others in ethical, effective, and healthy ways; and intentional focus on character development and self-care.
  3. Spiritual Formation: Embodying one’s faith and core values through practice, including expressing respect for diverse spiritual/religious identities and traditions.
  4. Cultural Capacity: Analyzing one’s engagement with and assessment of diverse social and organizational cultural contexts for increased agency and efficacy working towards social justice and peace.
  5. Relational Capacity: Cultivating and navigating diverse personal and public relationships.

Students in the Masters of Divinity (MDiv), Master of Arts in Social Justice and Ethics (MASJE), and Master of Arts in Pastoral and Spiritual Care (MAPSC) degree programs complete the professional formation curriculum as part of their degree program requirements of Internship and CPE.

Professional Formation Components

  • Consultation and Formation
  • Vocation & Orientation
  • Identity, Power, and Difference
  • Internship

OPF Staff

  • Dr. Jenny Whitcher, Director of the Office of Professional Formation, 303-765-3116, email
  • Rev. Dr. Jason Whitehead, Director of Consultation and Formation, 303-765-3162, email
  • Alison Wisneski, MASC, Program Coordinator of the Office of Professional Formation, email

For further information, please contact the Office of Professional Formation, 303-765-3115.