Spiritual Direction Certification

Iliff offers a two-year program in Spiritual Direction through cooperative efforts with the Benedictine Spiritual Formation Program (BSFP) at Benet Hill Monastery in Colorado Springs. Completion of the program through BSFP provides direct experience and leads to certification as a Spiritual Director. Iliff graduates describe the program as “progressive” in its theology and deeply informed by the Benediction charism of hospitality and welcome. Teachers in the program are experienced in providing the companionship in the Spirit that is traditionally called “spiritual direction.”

The Benedictine Spiritual Formation Program was designed and is directed by the Benedictine Sisters of Benet Hill Monastery. It is a two year program of 28 – 2 ½ hour sessions each year with four additional workshops each year. The program broadens and personalizes students’ understanding of Christian beliefs and trains students who answer a call to become spiritual directors in practices of listening and discernment. During the second year of the program, students act as spiritual directors in training under supervision.

For additional information, especially about the Iliff logistics, or to think about whether you are being called to become a spiritual director, please contact the Dean of the Chapel at Iliff, 303-765-3103.