Zimbabwe Immersion Trip - Completed 2013

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2013 Zimbabwe and South Africa Cultural Immersion Learning Project (completed 2013)

Iliff School of Theology Justice & Peace Program

Iliff’s Justice and Peace Program has completed a 17-day immersion learning trip to Zimbabwe and South Africa, November 14-29, 2013. The trip was under the direction of Professor Edward P. Antonio, director of Justice and Peace Program. Professor Antonio is originally from Zimbabwe. See photos from the trip.

Zimbabwe and South Africa Trip – November 2013 (completed by 14 alumni and students)

M. Celeste Jackson, assistant director of Diversity and Community Relations, Iliff, recently published a story, “The Gift: A Journey Through Immersion Learning” in The Body of Christ News, January 2013. In an opportunity of a lifetime, I recently experienced Southern Africa with a group of 14 alumnae and students from Iliff School of Theology. The school’s tradition serves students and alumni from all walks of life, ages and faiths, and helps people express their callings in myriad ways.

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See photos from the Southern Africa trip at: https://www.facebook.com/iliffontheroad