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Professor of Biblical Studies and Christian Origins

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  • B.F.A., Colorado State University
  • B.A., Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
  • M.T.S., Harvard Divinity School
  • Ph.D., Columbia University


Pamela Eisenbaum is professor of Biblical studies and Christian origins at Iliff, and is associate faculty of the Center for Judaic Studies at the University of Denver. One of four Jewish New Testament scholars teaching in Christian theological schools, she is the author of The Jewish Heroes of Christian History: Hebrews 11 in Literary Context, Invitations to Romans, and most recently, Paul Was Not a Christian: The Original Message of a Misunderstood Apostle. She has published many essays on the Bible, ancient Judaism and the origins of Christianity, and is an active member of the Society of Biblical Literature.

A passion for working with ancient manuscripts has increasingly informed her research. Professor Eisenbaum has experience working with the Dead Sea Scrolls and spent time at the Chester Beatty Library in Dublin studying the oldest surviving manuscript of Paul’s Letters (dated c. 200 C.E.). She appeared in the ABC documentary, “Jesus and Paul: The Word and the Witness.”

Representative courses:

  • Introduction to the New Testament
  • The Epistle to the Romans
  • Formation of the Canon
  • Corinthians

In the News

  • Huffington Post - Religion - November 04, 2011
    The Bible Seminar: Rescuing the Text

    Professors Pam Eisenbaum and Mark George will be a part of The Bible Seminar offered through the Westar Institute, Nov. 17-19, to discuss how to reclaim the Bible for progressives. They will join Stephen Patterson, director of the Westar Institute and John Dominic Crossan to help kick-start a conversation over the role of the Bible in modern debates that moves us beyond dogma and into a genuine discussion over the role of the Bible in our common age.

  • The Jewish Daily Forward - June 29, 2010
    When Saul Became Paul

    By Benjamin Ivry

  • New York Times - December 08, 2009
    A More Jewish Version of Paul

    By Judith Shulevitz.

  • Washington Post - October 09, 2009
    On Faith - Paul the Pluralist by Pamela Eisenbaum
  • Read the Spirit, - August 31, 2009
    Interview with the scholar who writes: “Paul Was Not a Christian”

    Interview by David Crumm.

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