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The papers of Henry White Warren, teacher, lecturer and author, were deposited in the archives of the Ira J. Taylor Library presumably by Louise Iliff. More materials have been added to the original deposit from various sources including research by Professor Martin Rist. The container holding material on the closing of the Iliff School of Theology is restricted, unless otherwise authorized.
In the general category of writings there are speeches, addresses and a series of sermons and sketches, both of which are incomplete. Personal correspondence deals with his duties as Bishop, involving certificates of transfer and conference appointments, and his involvement with the Iliff School of Theology. The correspondence also includes some aspects of the effect of the panic of 1893 in Colorado. For more detailed information, please go to:
Date Event
Jan. 4, 1831 Birth of Henry White Warren at Williamsburg, Massachusetts; to Mather Warren and Anna Millier (Fairfield) Warren.
1844 Birth of Elizabeth Sarah Fraser
1851 Henry White Warren taught natural sciences at Amenia Seminary.
1853 Henry White Warren graduated from Wesleyan University at Middletown, Connecticut, with an A.B. degree.
April, 1855 Henry White Warren married Diantha L. Kilgore of Barlett, New Hampshire.
1856 Birth of Carrie Louise Warren (Frizelle).
1857 Henry White Warren ordained Deacon by Bishop Baker.
1858 Henry White Warren received the degree of F.A. (Master of Arts) from Wesleyan University at Middletown, Connecticut.
1859 Henry White Warren ordained Elder by Bishop Ames.
1860 Birth of Ellen Russell Warren (Van Pelt) to Henry and Diantha Warren.
1863 Henry White Warren elected to the Massachusetts House of Representatives.
1866 Henry White Warren preached the election sermon before the Legislature in Massachusetts.
June 21, 1867 Death of Diantha Kilgore.
1868 Henry White Warren made a trip to Europe, Palestine, and Egypt.
1872 Henry White Warren given a Doctor of Divinity degree by Dickenson College and a Doctor of Law degree by Ohio Wesleyan.
1873 Henry White Warren made a trip to Europe.
1877-78 Henry White Warren was president of the Rocky Mountain Climbing Club.
May 12, 1880 Henry White Warren elected Bishop; presided at his first annual conference in Georgetown, Colorado; Elizabeth Sarah Fraser Iliff met Bishop Warren.
May 19, 1880 Consecration service held for Bishop Henry White Warren.
June 1880 Bishop Warren founded Morristown Industrial College. Bishop Warren helped found Gammon School of Theology in Atlanta, Georgia.
Dec. 27, 1883 Bishop Warren and Elizabeth Fraser Iliff were married in the Evans Chapel by Bishop Simpson.
1884 Elizabeth and Bishop Warren were appointed D.U. trustees (both served until 1912).
June 1884 Elizabeth Iliff Warren announces conditional offer of $100,000 to endow a graduate school of theology at D.U.
1886 Bishop and Elizabeth Warren made an episcopal visit to Alaska.
1887 The Warren Family purchased land in Santa Cruz, California, and named it "Epworth by the Sea."
The Warren Family began building "Gray Gables" at the corner of South Milwaukee and East Warren Avenue in University Park Denver.
Bishop Warren, Elizabeth Iliff Warren, and William Seward Iliff attended the Methodist Conference in the Orient (1887-1888).
1888 Elizabeth Iliff Warren donated $1,000 for the building of Simpson Methodist Episcopal Church in Denver.
1889 The Warren Family begins construction on Fitzroy Place (at the block of South Cook and South Madison Streets, East Evans and East Warren Avenues, in Denver.
July 2, 1889 Elizabeth Iliff Warren gave $100,000 to D.U. for the establishment of a school of theology.
1891 Elizabeth Iliff Warren gave Schaffenburg Mansion to the Methodist Church for use as the Frances Merritt Deaconess Home.
June 8, 1892 Cornerstone of Iliff Hall laid.
1893 Iliff Hall completed.
Fitzroy Place built at East Warren and South Cook, University Park, Denver.
Iliff (Family) Associated purchased library of Bishop Foster for Iliff School of Theology.
1896 Bishop Warren began editorship of The Study (1896-1900).
1899 Bishop Warren had his appendix removed while visiting in Buenos Aires.
April 1900 Iliff School of Theology closed for financial reasons.
Dec. 1901 Elizabeth Iliff Warren promised $25,000 and Bishop Warren promised $5,000, and both promised to raise an additional $20,000 for D.U. if the University's trustees would insure the organization of the Iliff School of Theology as a separate institution by June 1,1902, and either deed or perpetually lease the southwest corner of the University's campus to the new school.
1903 Elizabeth Iliff Warren, William Seward Iliff, Sr., and Louise Iliff were appointed trustees of the Iliff School of Theology. Each served until her or his death in 1920, 1946, and 1966 respectively).
Aug. 27, 1903 Iliff School of Theology was incorporated as an independent institution.
1909 Elizabeth Iliff Warren had Iliff Hall refinished and refurbished.
1910 Bishop Warren was given the LL.D. degree from the University of Denver.
Elizabeth Iliff Warren gave $25,000 and Bishop Warren gave $5,000 for the University of Denver endowment.
Sept. 10, 1910 Iliff School of Theology reopened as an independent institution.
1910-11 Fire at Fitzroy Place forced Warren family to leave the house at 857 Grant Street.
May 1912 Bishop Warren presided at the General Conference of the Methodist Church in Minneapolis where his retirement was approved. Elizabeth Iliff Warren and Louise Iliff accompanied him
June 1912 Bishop Warren was ill; the Warren Family reoccupied Fitzroy
July 23, 1912 Death of Bishop Henry White Warren at 8:12 p.m. from pneumonia.
Feb. 14, 1920 Death of Elizabeth Iliff Warren. Elizabeth Iliff Warren was buried at Fairmount Cemetery beside Bishop Warren.
1933 Death of Carrie Louise (Warren) Frizelle
1946 Death of Ellen Russell (Warren) Van Pelt.

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