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9 News coverage of Bishop Karen Oliveto at chapel

April 26, 2017

[Bishop Karen] Oliveto was previously scheduled to speak at the Iliff School of Theology before she flew to New Jersey for the judicial council hearing Tuesday. It’s been an emotional time and she didn’t know if the tears would stop long enough for her to preach at the Wednesday morning service.

Watch the 9 News coverage here.

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John de Groot on April 29, 2017
Karen, our hearts are broken and our thoughts and prayers are with you and Robin I pray for a loving church. Karen and Robin are loved by those who have been fortunate enough to have met them. Our prayers are with them both. I pray that those on the church that have hung onto teachings of hate have the same transformation I have had in my life. Please church, act with love in this moment in time. The church needs it. We need it, our children need it.

Carolyn D Love on April 26, 2017
I support Bishop Olivetti and her calling to preach. She is a kind and warm spirit that deserves the right to do what God has called her to do…