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Iliff Creates Authentic Engagement Program™ to Help Businesses

January 25, 2013


Contact: Greta Gloven, 303-229-8042

Iliff Creates Authentic Engagement Program™ to Help Businesses
The workplace has changed and so has the level of employee engagement.
Authentic Engagement™ Provides New Tools for Employers

(DENVER) Changing generational, racial, social, and personal differences, coupled with the “Great Recession,” have resulted in low levels of employee engagement for many organizations. The Authentic Engagement Program™, now available from the Iliff School of Theology, offers a unique approach to increase engagement and productivity.

“The workplace is in a time of change for many reasons. Today, it is not uncommon to have employees ages 18-80 from many diverse backgrounds working together,” said Albert Hernández, interim president and chief executive officer, Iliff School of Theology. “With the additional pressures of the recession, erosion of the social contract between employees and employers, and tight job market, many employees are not only dissatisfied and disillusioned with their workplaces, but distrustful of their leadership – resulting in decreased workplace productivity.”

Theological schools are in a position to help and Iliff has led the way with this new program. Theological education can provide the business community with the resources for employers to assist their employees in finding meaning in their work in ways that will foster the human spirit and enhance employee engagement.

“Theological education has long been an ‘initiator of community,’ so the basics of creating a culture of collaboration is an integral part of the skill set. Iliff has successfully focused on the core elements of a theological education and translated that for the workplace through the Authentic Engagement Program™,” added Hernández.

By leveraging practices that engage, excite, and empower employees, Iliff’s Authentic Engagement Program™ was developed in partnership with Denver’s business community via an advisory council over a two-year period. Funded by Wells Fargo Bank and a local business leader, the program provides impactful training for all levels of organizational leaders. The program has already been tested with members of the South Denver Chamber of Commerce and Leadership Wyoming, as well internally with many Iliff professionals.

Through Iliff’s Authentic Engagement Program™, participants learn through a one, two, or three-day seminar:

  • Techniques to identify the unique values that drive personal satisfaction and commitment through an examination of The Self.
  • Skills to develop a true appreciation of The Other by building on differences as key strengths.
  • Steps to create “interconnected otherness” and the value that a sense of belonging can have in workplace motivation, fulfillment and in the retention of great people.
  • Engagement strategies and techniques that impact The Whole of the organization as positive forces for the creation of sustainable value.

The connection between the human spirit, motivation, and clarification of personal values is well-documented as being integral to the success of any institution. With more time spent at work rather than home, authentic engagement becomes critical in the workplace.

“Getting employees aligned for a common cause through finding meaning at work is important in increasing the productivity of any business. Authentic Engagement™ not only provides the tools to make that happen, but also provides the pre and post-assessments to demonstrate it,” commented Hernández.

For additional information, contact Greta Gloven, vice president of marketing communications and strategic partnerships, Iliff School of Theology, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or 303-765-3109.


The Iliff School of Theology is a graduate theological school related to the United Methodist Church, serving more than 38 different faith traditions. Founded in 1892, the school provides several degree programs, including a Joint Ph.D. Program with the University of Denver.

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