Iliff’s 50in5is our commitment to recruiting, nurturing, and sustaining a student body consisting of 50% racial and ethnic diversity in 5 years.

Inspired by intentional conversations with students, staff, faculty, board, alumni and the greater Iliff community, the 50in5 Initiative focuses particularly on racial and ethnic diversity in response to the following:

1. Iliff recognizes its current 35% LGBTQ student body and 41% racially/ethnically diverse faculty do not yet reflect the dynamic diversity the community envisions.

2.  Iliff’s accreditation bodies noted the need for more racial/ethnic diversity in our student body.

3.  Our students are expecting racial/ethnic diversity.

4.  Iliff consistently seeks to address inequitable systemic structures within society and within our own institution.

5.  Iliff recognizes the individual, institutional, and global educational benefits that a racially and ethnically diverse student body provides.