The Iliff School of Theology strives to ensure that all individuals are safe, included, and respected in their working and learning environments, regardless of their gender identity or expression, including intersex, transgender, agender, and gender diverse students and employees. In upholding the principles of equity and inclusion, Iliff supports the full integration and healthy development of those who are transgender, transitioning or gender diverse, and seeks to minimize any stigma related to identity and expression. Iliff is committed to fostering a climate where all identities are valued and create a more vibrant and diverse community.

The purpose of this policy is to address, through its administrative procedures, issues some students and employees, including intersex, transgender, agender, and gender diverse individuals, may confront as they navigate a system designed around the assumption that gender is binary.

This policy should be interpreted consistent with the goals of maximizing the integration of intersex, transgender, transitioning, agender, and gender diverse students and employees; maintaining the privacy of all individuals; ensuring all students equal access to educational programming, activities, and facilities; ensuring all employees equal access to employment opportunities; and providing professional development for school or departmental staff on topics related to gender inclusion