October 21-22, 2021


The Center for EcoJustice at the Iliff School of Theology is pleased to announce its next conference – to be held virtually on October 21 and 22. The conference will focus on the intersection of environmental racism and immigration. What impact does shifting climate have on populations whose lands are being devastated? Forced to leave, what impact does shifting people have upon overstrained world resources?


“Missing from most conversations concerning the current environmental crises is the role racism plays on those most affected by the degradation of the land. Also, missing from most discussions on our current immigration crisis is the role failed crops and droughts are having in the global south due to changing climate. This year we are focused on the intersection of climate change and immigration.”   

Professor Miguel De La Torre


Conference schedule will be available by May 1, at which time, registration will open. For more information about the conference, please contact: If you are interested to present at the conference, please visit “Call for Papers.