Feb 4, 2022

Denver’s public health order requiring individuals to wear masks in indoor public places expired yesterday (February 3). Although no longer mandated by Denver, Iliff still requires masks to be worn in the building at all times, except when working alone in a private room.

The CDC, the Colorado Department of Health & Environment, and the CIty and County of Denver continue to find that vaccination is the most effective way to prevent transmission and limit COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths. Because Illif is considered a “high-risk setting” by the City and County of Denver, in accordance with Tom Wolfe’s January 3 and January 19 announcements, all students, employees, vendors, and visitors must provide or be able to provide proof of exemption or of receiving a booster vaccine for COVID-19 by January 31, 2022, or as soon thereafter as they become eligible.

Please know thar protecting the health and safety of the Iliff community is our highest priority. We thank you for your understanding and support.