March 4, 2020

Message from Faculty Dean Rev. Dr. Boyung Lee:

Dear students:

I pray that you stay healthy and calm in the midst of the news of the spreading of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

I write to inform you that as a proactive and precautionary measure to protect all of us from being exposed to and spreading the virus, Iliff’s leadership team made a decision that ALL Gathering Days Hybrid Class Sessions in April will be held synchronously on Zoom at the same times as previously scheduled.

This means that your virtual attendance is REQUIRED for you to receive credits for the registered courses.  As a friendly reminder, here I share the Gathering Days attendance policy:

Hybrid courses require on-campus class attendance in addition to online attendance. On-campus hours and schedules are posted on the syllabus and within the course description. Students are responsible for making travel arrangements to ensure their presence for all of the hours required on-campus for hybrid courses. Since there are multiple hybrid courses offered at the same time, students are responsible for ensuring they do not schedule course conflicts. Students unable to attend hybrid sessions will need to submit a petition to the Dean and the instructor of the course. Petitions are rarely granted, except for rare emergencies, and in most cases, the student will need to drop the course, or receive a failing grade, when they miss the required on-campus class meetings.

This policy was created to help you meet the required contact hours mandated by our accreditors.  Due to the special nature of this situation, we are working with our accreditors to ensure that you still earn the required contact credit hours through virtual attendance.

Honors Convocation will take place during Gathering Days as previously scheduled.  It will also be conducted in virtual space.  Please stay tuned for details as to how to participate.

Things You Need to Do Between Now and the Gathering Days: 

Make sure you have access to Zoom.  All questions can be directed to IT Services:

We continue to monitor the development of COVID-19 and what that may require of Iliff’s plan for commencement.  A final decision will be made no later than the fifth week of the Spring Term.  President Wolfe will make an announcement about it on or before that time.

Iliff has established a webpage for information and resources related to COVID-19. To know more about Iliff’s preparation and other resources, go to:

Thank you.

Additional Information:

For additional questions on monitoring your health, contact the Colorado Department of Public Health’s COVID-19 hotline at 303-389-1687 or 1-877-462-2911.