April 4, 2020

Dear Iliffian,

I am sending you a ritual object. Surprise!

As you know, rituals make visible in space and time realities that are precious but less tangible. The ways we greet one another at Gathering Days are an example of ritual. A ritual object simply helps us form or perform a ritual action, especially at a distance.

I invite you to create your version of a ritual of connection to other Iliffians using this mug. Perhaps lifting it in salute on Zoom. Perhaps as you fill it with your beverage of choice. Or as you start to work or study.

Even as we are distracted by pandemic, we are connected by values and purposes. Your ritual will reinforce your deeper connections of will, heart, action, and mind. It can help ease you through our difficult time.

So this looks like a mug. Make it more than that by your intentional use of it.

If you want to let me know how you did that, post a picture on Facebook and tag Iliff, or shoot me an email at ckelsey@iliff.edu

With love,

Cathie Kelsey
Dean of Chapel