May 21, 2019

I am pleased to announce Iliff’s new 50in5 initiative. This initiative came out of community-wide listening sessions in November 2018. 50in5 is the Iliff community’s commitment to recruiting, nurturing, and sustaining a student body consisting of 50% racial and ethnic diversity in 5 years.

This is truly a community commitment that has been birthed out of the desires of our current students, alumni, faculty, staff and board. Because it is a community desire, this systemic shift will involve the effort of every department and individual.

  • Our staff and faculty will be trained in workshops that are similar to the Identity, Power, and Difference courses that have long been a part of our required curriculum for our students.
  • Our interview pools for employment will continue to be diverse and our questions will also seek people who possess cultural humility.
  • We will continue to and be more intentional about developing life-long relationships with the racially and ethnically diverse communities in the Greater Denver Metro area and beyond.
  • We will seek to create an environment of human flourishing for all.

Rev. Dr. Tom Wolfe
President and CEO
Iliff School of Theology


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