Iliff’s Third Biennial EcoJustice Conference

September 27-29, 2023

THEME: Food Fight: When What We Eat is Weaponized
Conference focuses on the intersection Food with Racism, Ethnic Discrimination, and Colonialism – how those with power, privilege, and profit use and misuse food so as to strengthen oppressive political/economic structures and/or institutionalized violence.

EVENT: The conference will be held in a hybrid format
Those in the Denver area can participate in the conference at the Iliff School of Theology in person. Those out of state or out of the country can zoom-in to the conference.

PUBLICATION: All papers presented will be published
Pilgrim Press, who published the first two books based on the previous conferences (Gonna Trouble the Water and Shifting Climates, Shifting People) have agreed to publish the third volume.

STIPEND: All presenters will receive a stipend
Once the paper is accepted for publication, a token stipend of $500 will be given as our way of saying thank you for participating.

PROPOSALS: Send Abstracts to

Those interested in presenting their scholarship and publishing in the subsequent manuscript, send a 750 to 1000 word abstract to clearly stating your thesis and the methodology you plan to employ no later than January 31, 2023.

ATTENDANCE: Get on mailing list for when registration opens

Those interested in attending the conference – in person or virtually – please send your name and email address to so that we can notify you once registration opens.