Updates from the border

Watch a brief presentation by Professor Miguel De La Torre at the teach-in.

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+ Read the El Paso Times, the National Catholic Reporter, the Baptist Standard and the Baptist News Global coverage  of the rally at the border.

+ Watch the local broadcast station (Channel 9) coverage.

Some images from the gathering:



El Grito de las Fronteras/Cry from the Border Teach-In
September 5-9, El Paso, Texas

Iliff School of Theology is an organizing partner for a national rally (Sept 6 to 9) protesting the detention of immigrant children.

The event will include a teach-in and round table discussions. We will gather in El Paso, Texas.

We need to develop a theological, political, and ethical critique that can support our faithful action and ground us as we bring the border back to the center of the nation’s attention. We need time together to breathe the air of the borderlands, listen to the stories of the people there, and space to walk the soil. We need a theology of place.

More information and registration can be found at: bit.ly/ElGritoRSVP

In Denver, September 12 @ Iliff School of Theology

ReSource is preparing a one-day workshop event as a follow-up to El Grito De Las Fronteras. Led by Dr. Miguel De La Torre and Rev. Alexia Salvatierra, this will be a time to gain an understanding of the issues involved and develop helpful framing for action and conversation in our local area.

Topic: What does it mean for Colorado?

Date: Wednesday, September 12

Venue: Iliff School of Theology

More information can be found here – https://www.iliff.edu/resource-at-iliff/2018-resource-event-el-grito/

Professor De La Torre

To learn more about this event, please contact:

Dr. Miguel A. De La Torre
Professor of Social Ethics and Latinx Studies
Email: mdelatorre@iliff.edu
(O) 303.765.3133

Some articles on the issue by Prof. De La Torre:

+ Procedure Steamrollers Immigrants’ Human Rights
+ Who’s the Real Enemy of Immigration Reforms
+ Bananas