Key Programs:

· ReSource

· AI Institute

· Center for Eco-Justice

· Ministry Incubator

· Degree Programs


  • Iliff will serve a larger population of learners, many/most of whom will not be “students” in the traditional sense
  • Those learners may be individuals or groups and communities
  • Iliff will engage those learners in a broad portfolio of learning opportunities, activities, and events that will include a variety of new/different formats, delivery types, and styles
  • Those learning opportunities will not be limited to traditional academic programs, courses, etc.; some will provide specific credentials, but others may not
  • Iliff will continue to offer certain distinctive academic programs as long as they are viable
  • Iliff will retain, in all of its learning activities, the essence of Iliff — including the perspective of a theological lens on the content, format, and pedagogy of those activities
  • Iliff’s expanded learning opportunities will focus on the needs of learners: acquiring knowledge, developing skills, thinking differently, taking a new perspective, preparation to participate in moral discourse
  • In all of its learning programs, operations, and partnerships, Iliff will be faithful to its core values, including “50 in 5”
  • Iliff will endeavor to develop mutually beneficial partnerships with other institutions, learning organizations, corporations, not-for-profit entities, and government branches or agencies to further the scope and reach of its programs
  • Iliff will provide its learning experiences using its extraordinary existing assets, especially the talent, expertise, and experience of its faculty whenever possible; it will retain the services of other leaders, teachers, facilitators, and creators as needed to offer programs needed by learners
  • Iliff will offer programs that are worthy, viable, and feasible

As we transition into a new Iliff, there is a center that holds firmly in our change. The world of higher education is also coming to terms with sweeping change.  Because of this, we pose the question:  “How do we see this moment as a gift?”  This is the centering question for our work together as we move forward in meeting the opportunities and challenges of our evolution.

As Iliff looks towards an exciting future, while building upon its founding spirit and rich heritage, I invite us to consider the real gift of innovation. Technically, innovation is the creation of a new method, product, or idea. The Iliff lens on innovation is much richer, more human.

The work of being innovative is transformational. In that work we not only create new things, we evolve ourselves. We see differently, more clearly, and with greater perspective.

At Iliff, we are looking to the future through the lens of our innovative history. What does this call us to become now? At Iliff, we are envisioning a new chapter of the human experience in innovation. The world of the church and higher education is rapidly changing, all of which calls for a fresh responsiveness from theological education.

As an institution alive in the world, Iliff is taking seriously its opportunity to provide leadership in this generation of transition.


Rev. Thomas V. Wolfe, Ph.D.
President and Chief Executive Officer