Welcome to Gathering Days: Feb 3 – 7, 2020

Students travel to the Iliff School of Theology campus in Denver between 2-5 days each quarter for Gathering Days. Friendships and bonds created and strengthened during this time.

By gathering on the beautiful Iliff campus, there are distinctive opportunities for meaningful, engaging, and transforming conversations. In addition to attending classes, students share meals, enjoy social events, participate in lectures with guest speakers, and worship alongside one another.

Students arrive eager to meet their classmates in person, and are embraced and welcomed not only by fellow students but the Iliff community. The Gathering Days are a long-standing tradition, started in 2010 at the Journey MDiv program.

Many of our students rave about the exciting experience of attending Gathering Days. The on-campus experiences and encounters leave students, faculty, and staff feeling rejuvenated and inspired.

The Admissions team is also hosting its Open House on for prospective students to learn about our exciting academic programs and the Iliff experience on Wednesday (February 5), 10 am – 5 pm. Don’t forget to register for it.

As part of the Gathering Day activities, the Student Senate is also holding a book sale on Thursday and Friday. On Thursday evening, come and have fun on Open Mic night.

Like past years, the winter Gathering Days coincides with Iliff’s annual Renewal conference. For the three-day conference, the focus is on innovation and students have an opportunity to attend a host of presentations and panel discussions by scholars, professionals, and fellow students.

Enjoy a slideshow of Gathering Days, Fall 2019.