May 29, 2020

Dear Members of the Iliff Community:

Again…again…yet again another black person has been murdered by a police officer. Today we remember George Floyd. America has witnessed his murder in vivid detail. The four attending officers have been fired. The criminal justice system has yet to speak. We support the decision to arrest the officer whose knee was on the neck of George Floyd and call upon the criminal justice system to respond appropriately with respect to the actions of the other officers involved as we wait…for due process, action, a different outcome from all the rest…justice.

The tone at the top has politicized the issue, and with it, clouded the vision for change, disguised the chance for seeing racism for what it is, an inability and/or unwillingness to admit to acts of sustained and continued violence against black and brown communities, and other communities of color, a lack of self-reflection, compassion, and accountability. This has all been traded on a calculation that stereotypes the base and assumes what it will not approve in November.

George Floyd’s life matters. Black Lives Matter. The bold and humble work of creating change must not be underestimated nor allowed to be diminished. It is in our will and spirit to speak and act for justice. May our whole selves show up…with George Floyd’s loved ones in their loss and waiting, with those for whom this whole tragic event instills more fear, and with each other as we build communities for change.


Thomas V. Wolfe
President and CEO
Iliff School of Theology