Your generosity is the foundation for Iliff’s success

Many people have the best of intentions about supporting Iliff, but their cash flow prevents an outright gift. The Office of Institutional Advancement will consult with you to craft a plan through bequests, IRAs, insurance policies, gift annuities, trusts, and pension plans.

If you wish to defer your gift until after your lifetime, you can make a bequest from a will or a living trust. A will can include cash, securities, real property, or personal property. Either a will or a trust allow you to pass any amount you wish to Iliff for either unrestricted or restricted purposes.

An outright gift of securities allows you to avoid tax on capital gains.

It is also possible to make a gift of a life insurance policy to Iliff with little or no cost to yourself.

Perhaps you wish to avoid taxation on IRAs or employee benefit plans. You can name Iliff as the beneficiary of the remainder of the most highly taxed assets after your lifetime.

If you have questions or would like more information about ways to make a planned gift, please, contact Kelsey Cochrane at, 303-765-3163.


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